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Free tile advice forum from UK Tiling Forum for professional and DIY wall and floor tilers. Launched in 2006 it has undergone a few revisions. Finally resting permanently on our domain. Find recommended tiling tools and tile adhesives. Find free tile advice from thousands of members. And of course you can find a tiler right there on the forum, also free of charge. (The service, not the tiler).

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What? A UK Tiling Forum? Nooooooo not seen one of those before. started out in 2006. Accept no cheap cliquey imitations.

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Tiling Courses

Some of our longest-standing members are members who found our forum after searching for tiling courses.

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Choosing Tiles

Choosing tiles for the right floor or wall can be one of the hardest parts of the whole process of tiling. The sticking them on, and selecting the right adhesive to use, is often the easiest bit.’s UK Tiling Forum has been moved to

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  • Some advice would be greatly appreciated! So I'm putting in wet underfloor heating and limestone tiles in kitchen/living. The underfloor heating pipes will be laid inside 20mm routed cement coated xps board which can be tiled directly on top off. My question is, would an 18mm plywood subfloor (directly on joists) be adequate, or should I go for a 25mm subfloor? The joists are at 400mm centres and will be strengthened with noggins. Thanks in advance!
  • Hi, I’m after some help please. I had someone come tile my en-suite and it was looking ok until the grout stage. I went in to look after it had been grouted and there is loads of scratched tiles all either in a corner or along a grout line. The tiler says it’s nothing to do with him and I must have done it cleaning! I haven’t cleaned, I’ve literally had a look round but what could have caused them? I’ve also got massive grout and silicone problems but will post some pictures of the scratches. Thank you in advance […]
  • Hi Folks, I've had a look through the forum this last week and it would appear these were quite sort after a few years back. We've just moved into a place that's got them down in the kitchen and utility room, we're knocking the wall down in the dining room and would like to tile the floor to match. Glacier Ivory Polished Porcelain 600×600 YT6002BP We really need 13sqm-ish worth, 45 tiles, we've seen some about of Facebook but trying to get enough is proving a bit of a pain. Thanks in advance.
  • Hi everyone, first time here as a first time buyer in a flat where literally everything needs doing, and now I have no money, so DIY here I come! So I've started on the bathroom, and have been removing the wall tiles, and they've pretty much been falling off in big sections, coming off with the tiles and underneath on the wall, is this kind of weird sandy stuff, the main bits on the wall are relatively solid, but some bits are soft like wet sand by the shore! What is this please? What do I do? Will my place […]
  • After some advice please….. We have approx. 50sq m of Dijon limestone 600 x 90 x15mm and also 50 sqm of porcelain wood effect 1200 x 200 x 10mm to lay. This is going onto a 55mm Cemfloor liquid screed (with wet UFH) that was put down about a year ago so should be dry! Really after some thoughts? Was going to use Durabase CI+ and I realise I need a flexible adhesive but there is a dizzying array to choose from! Having read some of the feedback here I've ruled out a couple. I have a trade account at […]
  • How smooth does the floor surface need to be before laying porcelain tiles? I have removed tiles and theres bits of adhesive stuck to the floor causing small bumps, theres a few pits too. Can I lay tiles straight over this?
  • Hi everyone, I'm having the majority of the ground floor of my house tiled (35m²) and I'm not sure which way to go from a subfloor / prep perspective. Here is the current set-up: Suspended timber floor at 450mm centres Wet underfloor heating system between joists in a pug screed Tiny bit of deflection ( 6mm backerboard > tile Option 2: 22mm t+g wise sprucefloor plywood on joists > ditra mat or dura base > tile (plywood will be sealed on both sides before installation) Option 3: Knauf gifa floor instead of plywood – way too expensive and don't like […]
  • Looking for some advice. I want to tile a floor but it runs out by 20mm on one side. The levels are all over and wanted to know the best way of levelling it before tiling. The floor has already been concrete boarded as the floor was a mess
  • At we are debating at the moment wether we should sell Mapei Keraflex white or Bostik/Evostik OPF. I'd like some feed back from the guys on the front line as they both have similiar specs -any thoughts?
  • Ok so I know you use unmodified thinset for kerdi membrane but what about after kerdi is installed… can I use a modified thinset after for tiling? – The UK Tiling Forum with International Discussion To Boot

  • Tiler in County Durham, Tiler in Newton Aycliffe, Darlington and Durham City
    Tiler in County Durham, Tiler in Newton Aycliffe, Darlington and Durham City. David Howe Tiling. The professional wall and floor tiler with more than 25 years experience in the tile industry in the UK. Wall and Floor Tiler County Durham Professional Wall and Floor Tiler County Durham Travertine, Quartz, Limestone, Sandstone, Marble and all other […]
  • Tiling Courses in Wales
    For tiling courses in Wales then look no further than our friends over at Expert Tiling Courses UK. For fast-tracked tiling courses in Wales then consider Henry and his team at Expert Tiling Courses UK . The two tutors there have a combined industry experience of over 30 years! That is a fair few kitchen […]
  • 3 Brilliant Tiling Courses to Consider During Current Lockdowns
    Let’s Talk Tiling Courses Let’s talk about Tiling Courses and Tiling Training. To see what they involve and what type of people might be booking on some right now. But first. A bit about me. I’m Dan. I own the forum, and much bigger forums in the construction industry, and a lot of blogs, some […]
  • Find a Tiler | Find local trusted tilers for free
    Find a Tiler with our new website that we’re working on. It’s in Beta stages right now, we have some test listings on it. If you’re a friend of Tilers Forums then you’ll know that over the years we’ve attempted to do this a few times and although some worked for a bit, most didn’t. […]
  • PVA vs Primers
    People, and certainly plasterers (who are murder for it) tend to think and use PVA glue as a primer when tiling walls. If you’re tiling over plaster or plasterboard and wish to separate the tile adhesive (which may be cement-based) from the plaster (which causes issues; cement and plaster don’t mix) then you can’t use PVA to do that.
  • How Much Do Tilers Charge?
    What’s the going rate for wall and floor tilers? How much do tilers charge? And do they charge per job, charge per day, or charge per square meter? We asked our forum members on and found that we had a massive response from actual genuine wall and floor tilers right across the UK. Do […]
  • Most Used Tile Adhesive Brands from 2007 to 2019 has hosted an annual ‘most used tile adhesive brand’ poll for each year from 2007 to 2019, bar 2014 for some reason. We’ve seen some brands come and go in that time. Some changed positions massively, some stayed pretty much the same. There’s a table below showing you which tile adhesive brands were most […]
  • The Tile Association
    Who Are The Tile Association? The Tile Association (TTA) was set up in January 2000 when a combination of Tiling bodies came together to set up the Association. Since it was formed twenty years ago it has doubled in size and now has around 1000 members which are tilers, suppliers, shops and more. It is […]
  • NVQ Level 2 in Wall and Floor Tiling
    NVQ Level 2 in Wall and Floor Tiling is the standard in Tiling Courses. Below are a few common questions and answers regarding the NVQ in Tiling. NVQ Course Feedback and Training Information Please always do your research before committing to any type of trades training courses. Whether it’s tiling courses, electrical courses, plumbing courses, […]
  • Tiling Courses
    Tiling Courses can be hard to find locally. Especially well established ones that are tiling-only courses rather than training centres that run all sorts of training courses such as plumbing courses and electrical courses too. Not that all those who run other courses are poor when it comes to running only tiling ones. Some have […]
  • UK Tiling Forum is Awesome and hits Number One
    UK Tiling Forum is for Professional and DIY Wall and Floor Tilers in the UK. Our tiling forum is more than just an advice website with a one-off answer to a one-off tiling question. Our UK Tiling Forum is a community that provides tiling education and tiling courses to those who are in need of […]
  • Welcome back to, if you’ve been here before that is
    Welcome back to The domain that the forum was hosted on from 2006 to 2019. So it has quite a bit of history. The forum saw three forum software makes, half a dozen main theme/design changes, and dozens of smaller tweaks – some broke the forum, some didn’t. We’ve seen quite a few groups […]

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