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Choosing tiles for the right floor or wall can be one of the hardest parts of the whole process of tiling. The sticking them on, and selecting the right adhesive to use, is often the easiest bit.’s UK Tiling Forum has been moved to

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  • Hi, I bought some sheets of 6mm insulation board to install on my bathroom floor. (It has blue foam in the middle of it.) My subfloor is 21mm treated wooden floorboards. I've freshly installed them and they're nice and level and smooth. (I even planed some of the joists to make sure I'd have a good subfloor.) The joists are enormous. I've fixed these insulation boards down with screws, taped the joints and spread a flexible tile adhesive over the taped joints and screw heads. I've now just realised that it looks like I should have mortared down the boards […]
  • Hi, I'm in a process of prepping before retiling my bathroom. I've stripped the old tiles with adhesive down to some old plaster (I think it is an old sand and cement coat). I've also installed the STS tile backing boards on the other wall where the new bath with a shower will go. See the photos attached. Can anyone tell me whether I should be tanking the boarded/plastered corner area above the bath? Will some special adhesive be needed or the standard wall and floor tile adhesive will do like the one below? No Nonsense Wall & Floor Tile […]
  • Hello Has anyone had any experience using the Genesis Stainless Steel interchangeable trowels? My Vitrex 6mm notched trowel handle which is made of plastic snapped off so looking for something better constructed that will last. Any alternative options welcome i.e Rubi / Raimondi etc Cheers
  • Should I use Tilemaster Prime Plus or Tilemaster Prime + Grip on plywood overboarding in preparation for tiling? Thanks.
  • Watched a video on this. Anybody used it ? Thoughts ? View:
  • Hi I am currently getting my bathroom refitted and am installing a semi roll top bath into an area that previously was completely covered by a bath. So it was only tiled up to the bath edge. My installer has asked what he should do with regards to the tiling, obviously it needs to go floor to ceiling. But should they tile in to the bath edge? Or should they just tile straight up and down in the wall and then install it? I have no idea. Does anyone have a photo of an example of one installed? Attached an […]
  • Any body know of any good traditional screed gangs willing to work nationwide?
  • What advise would you give tiling a 50m approximate floor with a 1200mm plank tile, on green 22mm chipboard?
  • Need to find some tiles to match old bathroom (faux) mosaic 24.5 cm square. Photo attached but shaed of light blue with mosaic sizes 1.5 cm squareNeed to retile shower enclosure walls. Can anyone help source ? Thanks
  • Hi been browsing the forum, lots of good advice. I’m after some myself of you don’t mind. retiling my bathroom. Just the bath area so three walls 1700x 1700, 1700×700 and 1700×700. Taken off the old tiles and plasterboard. It’s stud walls with timbers at 600mm. I have some 12.5mm wedi style boards to fit. I have read the wedi guide but it doesn’t mention ply over stud walls. I have to fit ply over 2 of the walls as I have things to fix to them so I was planning to ply over all the stud work first with […] – The UK Tiling Forum with International Discussion To Boot

  • Emerald green embossed border tile with emerald Ggreen bevelled edge field tile
    This has to be an old tile for sure. Bevelled edge field tile about 6 inch wide maybe 3 high. Might be 4 inch high.
  • How Much Do Tilers Charge? What’s the going rate for wall and floor tilers? How much do tilers charge? And do they charge per job, charge per day, or charge per square meter? We asked our forum members on and found that we had a massive response from actual genuine wall and floor tilers right across the UK. […]
  • Most Used Tile Adhesive Brands from 2007 to 2019 has hosted an annual ‘most used tile adhesive brand’ poll for each year from 2007 to 2019, bar 2014 for some reason. We’ve seen some brands come and go in that time. Some changed positions massively, some stayed pretty much the same. There’s a table below showing you which tile adhesive brands were […]
  • How do I become a Tiler? How do I become a Tiler? If you want to know how to become a tiler then there are a few main ways that you can achieve your goal. We will give you a brief rundown of your options in this article and some handy tips to help you along. You can do a […]
  • The Tile Association Who Are The Tile Association? The Tile Association (TTA) was set up in January 2000 when a combination of Tiling bodies came together to set up the Association. Since it was formed twenty years ago it has doubled in size and now has around 1000 members which are tilers, suppliers, shops and more. It […]
  • NVQ Level 2 in Wall and Floor Tiling NVQ Level 2 in Wall and Floor Tiling is the standard in Tiling Courses. Below are a few common questions and answers regarding the NVQ in Tiling. NVQ Course Feedback and Training Information Please always do your research before committing to any type of trades training courses. Whether it’s tiling courses, electrical courses, plumbing […]
  • Tiling Courses Tiling Courses can be hard to find locally. Especially well established ones that are tiling-only courses rather than training centres that run all sorts of training courses such as plumbing courses and electrical courses too. Not that all those who run other courses are poor when it comes to running only tiling ones. Some […]
  • UK Tiling Forum UK Tiling Forum is for Professional and DIY Wall and Floor Tilers in the UK. Our tiling forum is more than just an advice website with a one-off answer to a one-off tiling question. Our UK Tiling Forum is a community that provides tiling education and tiling courses to those who are in need […]
  • Welcome back to, if you’ve been here before that is Welcome back to The domain that the forum was hosted on from 2006 to 2019. So it has quite a bit of history. The forum saw three forum software makes, half a dozen main theme/design changes, and dozens of smaller tweaks – some broke the forum, some didn’t. We’ve seen quite a few […]

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