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Recommended Tilers We Know Well. We’ll be adding to this area of the website over time. We know a LOT of UK Wall and Floor Tilers that we will add to this area of over the coming months. But if you would like to recommend your tiler, or give us a nudge to create a blog post for your business, then please comment below.

Recommended Tilers FAQ – Who’s best and how to tell

Will the recommended tilers do a good job?

Yes, absolutely. Although we always recommend you to get three tilers in to quote for the tiling work that needs to be carried out, and listen to them all. They should be advising you on the products required, and the processes needed, and the timescale. Not just bang a price off the top of their head and say see you soon.

If they don’t, will you cover their tiling?

Hell no. Whilst we may recommend a tiler, or a tiling company, that we know provides really good advice on our forums, and we know has a lot of genuine good feedback online, and we might have even met them a few times, it doesn’t meant to say they now don’t employ a plonker who they’re trying to train up.This is why you should get them round and speak to them, you will know it’s the top dog when you meet them.

How many recommended tilers should I get in to quote?

Still three, always three. We just wanted to drill this in. It’s three tilers. Recommended ones. If they’re not recommended (or from some rate-a-builder type website) you will probably want five to come quote to find the good couple and one will have a fair price too.

Should I go for the cheapest tiler?

Hell no. There is usually a reason for them needing to price so low to get the work. So make sure you avoid the cheapest if they’re miles away from the other tilers prices.

What about the dearest tiler?

Still no. The tiler who’s got a diary filled until this time next year may sometimes (not always) overprice a little, so if they win the work it’s worth moving other jobs around for, but if they don’t, it’s not a loss for them. Get three in. Always three. 🙂

Where can I find these recommended tilers?

Well, eventually on this website. But for now, checkout out forum over at Specifically the Tilers Directory.

Add your tiling website in the comments and we’ll check you out. If you’re on, link us to your profile.

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