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  • Looking for Canyon Espresso 13×13 discontinued Lowe’s tile – need 6.5×6.5, also maybe a dozen of each
  • i just finished a white subway tile backsplash and now it looks like some of the tiles are gray and not white. all the boxes where sealed and are the same color according to the boxes. i really didn`t notice it when putting it up , it seems like they turned gray overnight. could it have anything to do with the grout?i have wiped them down a few times but still no luck. any solution except a rip and reinstall?
  • Hello everyone I have a question I have installed hex polished marble san dona tile in my shower floor and 3×6 on the walls. I'm not sure what to use on the floor for grout sanded or un sanded…. I have ~1/8 joints. Thanks for the input
  • I've had no luck identifying this wall tile with online reverse image searches and would be more than grateful if someone can help me identify it here! My apartment building is over 100 years old, and this wall tile was probably installed 50+ years ago. Maintenance is no help so I'm taking action into my own hands. The tile is 6"x8"
  • Hi folks. I hired a guy to hang and prep backerboard around my tub surround, so that I can start tiling it. However, when I came home I discovered that he’d used drywall mud/joint compound not only to connect the drywall to the backboard, but used it to feather down several inches to flatten out from the joints all around. Additionally, he filled in the 3/8” thick gap between the bottom of the backboard and the tub edge, also using drywall mud. When I told him I thought that was only done with mortar/thinset, he said that since we’re covering […]
  • Installing a 17 inch better bench corner shelf. The bottom side of these floating shelves have multiple holes which I have always assume to be weep holes in the metal frame of the shelf. Unlike a bench the bottom side can be an eye sore when installed up high. My question is does anyone tile the bottom side of these
  • I have an exterior breezeway tile project. We are using schluter ditra as a water barrier and mainly as crack isolation. It’s secured to the concrete substrate with schluter All Set. The tiles are Arto Artillo. I’m trying to minimize the possibilities of efflorescence. Are there thin sets which don’t contribute to efflorescence? I know there are calcium aluminate base grouts which help reduce this risk. Grouting – we’ll be using a heavey sanded gray gray grout, traditional approach to Spanish tiles. Is there a calcium aluminate grout with large grain sizes or is there a recipe someone has used […]
  • Greetings All, appreciate the expertise existing in this forum. I am a home remodeler, not a professional, but have done 4 homes completely down to the studs, including many many square feet of tiling floors, wall, ceiling, bathroom. I have a very difficult problem to diagnose. I have a leaking shower pan/wall (not sure), that essentially is filling up the shower liner "bowl" and overflowing over the top of it, inside the wall cavity. My question is, if the shower was built correctly, would it be normal for water to make it to the pan liner at all? Here is […]
  • The shower pan on my all tile 70 year old shower started to leak. I have access the the underside of the shower and am also replacing the old galvinized pipes which are rusted through, in fact this is what alerted me to the pan leak. I want to replace just the pan and the drain. The wall tiles look great. Took out the floor tiles and first two rows of wall tiles, the pan and the subfloor. The stud walls and the floor joists are fine. Due to it's age there is of course no waterproof membrane just a […]
  • What are electric cleaning brushes? ​. Powered by electricity, it can scrub anywhere in your home. Be it your bathroom or kitchen, electric cleaning brushes have all the answers. It easily cleans your home with just one swipe, which saves your precious time. Buying an electronic cleaning brush has never been so easy. However, a few things that you should consider- Noise level- You don’t want the scrubber whirring at the high sound, especially when older people are there at home. An excellent electric scrubber should have minimal noise during its operations. You can choose the brands with noise levels […]
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