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  • Aloha everyone. I've embarked on a bathroom remodel. I opted to use the hydro block shower pan and system. When I notched my joists and set my presloped pan, I've ended up flush with the existing wood subfloor. As such, now if I put any hardi board on top of subfloor, the transition to the pre sloped shower pan will have a 1/4" step down into the pan. I want the transition to be smoother than that so I was going to use ditra over the wood subfloor and just go right over that transition and cover the pre sloped […]
  • Looks like I didn't get the slope correct on this shower bed. Here's water not drained after 10 hours since turning off the shower. How atrocious is my fix going to have to be? Be honest. I can handle it.
  • The tile all around the top on the bathroom walls will have piping on the top tile. The tile on the wall under he window will butt up against the bottom of the window sill. This way the height of the top of the tiles are the same on all walls. See the photos. Is this a good way to do this? what would be another course of action?
  • As an introduction, I'm a DIY home owner who has gutted the bathroom in a house built in 1980 due to a burst water pipe. I had a professional water mitigation company remove the damage so I'm sure all of the affected material is now gone. I have decided to put large format tile on the floor in the bathroom to start and have a few questions regarding the very conflicting advice that I have found in forums, on YouTube, and in asking questions of local flooring company employees. I have 3/4" (19.05mm) tongue and groove subfloor sitting on 12" […]
  • Looking for Canyon Espresso 13×13 discontinued Lowe’s tile – need 6.5×6.5, also maybe a dozen of each
  • I am installing Hardie backerboard for a bathtub surround and plan to tile the tub surround with 12 x 12 ceramic tile. 1. The hardie backerboard is water resistant, not waterproof, so I was planning to waterproof it with Aqua Defense. 2. Installation instructions for Hardie backerboard say to fill the 1/8 inch gap between the boards and cover the seams with thinset and embed alkali-resistant fiberglass tape into the thinset. Hardie does not address using waterproofing. My question: Do I apply the Aqua Defense after I apply thinset and tape so the thinset is also waterproofed or do I […]
  • Hi, we fitted out our en-suite with Keraben Fox Azul in 2010. We have unfortunately cracked a tile by accident when reflooring. Does anyone have any spare we could buy? It’s a duck egg colour, 50cm x 25cm? Cheers Sally
  • I have been researching this for days and need some help. My garage has a concrete floor. I live in Sacramento (a Mediterranean climate) I ground my floor with a 70 grit grinder to get the epoxy applied 22 years ago and I now have a smooth and level surface with no cracks. I had the expansion joints mudded over during pouring. I used a 5 sack mix with rebar and 5 inch thick. after research I want porcelain tile with a PCI of 4 or 5 and slip rating of R11 to R13. I have gone to most of […]
  • i just finished a white subway tile backsplash and now it looks like some of the tiles are gray and not white. all the boxes where sealed and are the same color according to the boxes. i really didn`t notice it when putting it up , it seems like they turned gray overnight. could it have anything to do with the grout?i have wiped them down a few times but still no luck. any solution except a rip and reinstall?
  • Hello everyone I have a question I have installed hex polished marble san dona tile in my shower floor and 3×6 on the walls. I'm not sure what to use on the floor for grout sanded or un sanded…. I have ~1/8 joints. Thanks for the input
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