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  • Hi I am looking for some phantom lignite 60×60 tiles, they were from tile giant
  • I need to know where to purchase Nast Blanco tiles 31.6×59.2cm – any ideas. They are Porcelanosa tiles which are discontinued
  • Looking for dark Victorian / steel green tile. I believe H&E smith but could be wrong.
  • Hi I’m looking for 20 waldorf negro tiles is anyone able to assist
  • Hi I'm looking for about 10 x Waldorf Nergo 45cm x 45cm floor tiles if anyone can help??
  • Hi Folks, I've had a look through the forum this last week and it would appear these were quite sort after a few years back. We've just moved into a place that's got them down in the kitchen and utility room, we're knocking the wall down in the dining room and would like to tile the floor to match. Glacier Ivory Polished Porcelain 600×600 YT6002BP We really need 13sqm-ish worth, 45 tiles, we've seen some about of Facebook but trying to get enough is proving a bit of a pain. Thanks in advance.
  • Hi, is there anyone who can help my friend please? I need a minimum of the above tiles for a friend to patch up her kitchen. It’s a long shot as they were fitted in 2001!!! 😬😁
  • Hi I'm looking for this tile – they changed the size recently to 600 x 300 but I need the older size to match the flooring into a new extension
  • Hi, I am looking for a couple of floor tiles, Topps Tiles Padova 80 Cream. Any idea where I can get them from? Topps are not very helpful all they have done is confirm that they are discontinued. The tiles we need are square 31.5cm. Thanks Tina
  • Hello, I am searching for an old brand name of "Cotto" ceramic tile. Color is "crete", and is a 16×16, SKU: 241824, Model: CRT66BE. If anyone has extra I am willing to purchase. Need about 2-3 cases. Please email me at [email protected]
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