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  • Looking for 10m2: Porcelanosa Zone Pulido 40 x 40cm​
  • White polished porcelain floor tile sold by Homebase in 2015, 300 x 600 mm
  • Spend an awful long time trying to identify from online pictures but no luck. I believe it was probably put on the wall circa 2004. Any help greatly appreciated!!
  • I am looking for ceramic bathroom floor tiles, size 300 x 300mm. The makers are Ceramica Latina and the colour is Petra Beige. I need five but more would be welcome. The tiles were installed by a company in Glasgow. Any information would be gratefully received.
  • Hi im trying to find 12 Porcelanosa ceranco cube polished floor tile hope someone can help
  • Hello, I'm trying to find San Marco straight edged natural/beige tiles in a pattern of four different sizes. 3 are square and one oblong. The measurements are: 15cm x 15cm 30cm x 30cm 46cm x 46cm 30cm x 46cm. If anyone has any information about the name of the pattern, or anything else for that matter, I'd be ever so grateful. I need a shed load! Thanks very much, Chas.
  • Hello Everyone. I'm hoping to find some spares of British Ceramic Tile Buxton Dark Beige (stock code CAN42957). They used to be stocked by Victorian Plumbing, amongst others. Would anyone happen to have a few left over or know who may have some? Thanks, John.
  • Hi I need Porcelanosa Nara Natural 20×33 tiles. Ideally 4, but one would be great.
  • Hi all. Looking for some Baldocer Alpine Sand, also know as Ape Tracia Beige tiles 600 x400. Both are discontinued but need some to extend a bathroom. Thanks
  • Looking for Emser Choice 4×16 white glazed wall tile beveled . Need 32 sq ft. Contact : [email protected]
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