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  • we have a shower unit over the bath and so I need to fit a grab handle so that I can get in and out of the bath safely. I can’t fit a suction handle because tiles are small and so the surface is not smooth. i dont want to drill the tiles, so what are my options? Could I glue a round tile to the existing surface?
  • Hi! Could I get some advice on my tiling? It's just been done last week by a tiler by trade but my builder who does everything says that he could have done a neater job and that he's surprised by the level of finish and pointed out some clumsy areas. I'm now worried that my tiler did a bad job and can't 'unsee' all the bits that seem unprofessional, it stands out and want to get the whole thing re-done! A lot of the tiles don't feel even when you run your hands across them, and even and the grout […]
  • Hi Everyone, I know 6mm porcelain tile slabs are great for walls but has anyone had any experience with them as bathroom flooring? Would you recommend this new trend of thinner porcelain tile slab to customers as floor tiles as well? I know 12mm slabs for flooring is sufficient but never heard of the longevity of 6mm slabs for flooring. Thank you, Daniel
  • I started tiling my bathroom before Christmas and have just noticed I miscut a tile slightly, the corner isn't perfectly straight. You can see where I've drawn a line to indicate how it should be What's the best way to fix? 150 grit diamond file doesn't seem to make any difference.
  • Hi guys, looking at a bathroom design im doing and the customer has asked if I can install a niche behind the bath. Its an external wall. Can this be done, obviously it can be cut out and a lintle installed. But what about sealing the cavity, what materials to be used etc. Cheers, luke.
  • Hi, I am looking for advice about half tiling an external corner which meets a full tiled shower wall(over bath); unfortunately, I have cement board on the shower wall so cannot return (set back 30/50mm) as it will expose cement board. Any other suggestions would be appreciated? Cheers DTCB
  • Im in the process of building out this wall that will form one wall of a shower cubicle once tiled. Id like to build a wall niche into this wall as a feature but im stuck on the best way to set everything out so the niche is centred in the shower tray. The shower tray is 700mm deep and id be using 600x600mm tiles. The wall width is about 1780mm and id like the niche to be about 300mm wide. Would the best way to do this be to start with a cut tile that crosses the mid line […]
  • Hi Folks Wanted some advice and thoughts on using a wall tile on the floor. The floor is a newly screeded floor. The tile is a Porcelanosa ceramic tile 33.3 X 59.2mm (8.6mm thick) link to tile here The spec sheet doesn't tell me the COF Rating (as its sold as a wall tile). I know the general consensus would probably be no but wondered if in this case, this particular quality of tile could be used on the floor? Thanks in advance, Sam
  • Hello all, I've recently gotten a contractor to do my washroom and he was installing tiles today, from what i've observed he has spot dabbed tiles onto the wall, I asked him if its fine and he said that the kerdi membrane behind the wall will not allow any water past it, the reason he's doing spot dabbing is due to the wall being extremely un even, as the house is 40+ years old. The floor base he did with kerdi membrane, then thin set and now he has added the mosaic tiles properly with a notched trowel and back […]
  • I'm might have ballsed up here… I was planning to patch up a few holes like this one before it gets tiled in just over a week or so (could be less): I had thought to use mortar, but now I'm thinking that might take too long to cure enough for tiling over (more than happy to be corrected if I'm wrong!!)? If I'm right, is there anything else I can use that could be dry/cured well enough in 5-7 days+? I'll get there one day! Cheers
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