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  • There are many blogs out there showing a table of maximum weight certain substrate – for example: …and they all say 20kg for gypsum-based plaster – so I'll assume we are talking about products such as multinish in most cases So I have been looking into this as I wasnt sure if this refers to: fresh skim on new plasterboard reskim + PVA on previously skimmed plasterboard reskim + PVA on previously skimmed block wall fresh skim on Thistle Hardwall on block wall fresh skim on sand and cement undercoat on block wall you see where this is going…. […]
  • Can anyone get hold of Nast Blanco Porcelanosa tiles? No one seems to be able to get hold of any?
  • Hi All I have a walk in shower room in my bathroom that is tiled using slate mosaics on the floor and nuance shower boards on the walls. Originally I used the MS Polymer jointing compound a the floor to wall junction about 4 years ago when I built it. There is no appreciable movement in the floor as it is built with 4×2 joists at 250mm centres overlaid with 22mm ply and then with a insulated wet room tray. the issue I have is every 6 months or so I am noticing the sealant at this junction is splitting […]
  • Hi, we fitted out our en-suite with Keraben Fox Azul in 2010. We have unfortunately cracked a tile by accident when reflooring. Does anyone have any spare we could buy? It’s a duck egg colour, 50cm x 25cm? Cheers Sally
  • Hi! Could I get some advice on my tiling? It's just been done last week by a tiler by trade but my builder who does everything says that he could have done a neater job and that he's surprised by the level of finish and pointed out some clumsy areas. I'm now worried that my tiler did a bad job and can't 'unsee' all the bits that seem unprofessional, it stands out and want to get the whole thing re-done! A lot of the tiles don't feel even when you run your hands across them, and even and the grout […]
  • Hi everyone. Thanks for all the advice so far, its going pretty good considering i'm a sparky!!! Going to start to tile the walls and have got 600 x 300 porcelain tiles (Topps Regal Vanilla ones) Ok so the walls are skimmed plasterboard on the dot and dab and studwork and the tiles weigh 25kg per sq mtr according to the box. Will I need to put the hardibacker boards on or will i be able to fix straight to the plaster? I have used mapei aquadefence on the walls in the wet areas and Topps told me i needed […]
  • I am looking for 5 or 6 Porcelanosa Madagascar Beige wall tiles 20cms x 33.2 cms.
  • Hi, I'm looking for a couple of Porcelanosa Florencia Blanco 20 x 31.6 cm wall tiles. Slight accident removing rusted screws when replacing shower cubicle ☹️ I know they are discontinued, but if anyone can help it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • Hi everybody, so I have finally started with destroying my old bathroom and now I have found this straw wall. I was thinking to tear this down and build new stud wall or to "glue" Tile mate backer board on this straw, which would be the easiest way to do it, but would it be the best way? The black spot in the middle is moulding straw which has been attacked by water penetrating through old tiles. What would you do in my place?
  • Anybody have a supply of these discontinued tiles from Topps/Johnsons? There was a mix up on our order and now OOS
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