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  • Hello! Iv recently bought this house and iv noticed that the bathroom tiles go white after they are dry. Iv tried cleaning it with vinegar, CLR and generic cleaning products. I don’t even know what it is. Please help me!
  • Hi All, So i'm looking for some advice on laying travertine DIY. Here is the situation: 38 sqm area Substrate is a 125mm concrete slab freshly laid and is 3 weeks cured The substrate has a suitable fall for water run off Tiles purchase – Linen coloured 12mm Travertine 406×406 bought form Beaumont Tiles My question is (and im finding it so hard to find an answer)……. 1) What adhesive should I use? Ive been recommended Ardex but both Ardex and Beaumont Tiles and a few websites are telling me to use different Ardex product?? X18/X68/X77 etc. Im worried if […]
  • Does anyone know if AS requires a nose or edge tread on stairs when tiling a common area of an existing commercial building block of units ? R10 slip resistance is required. thanx
  • We are in the process of planning to lay concrete 400x400x40mm pavers and will need to cut quite a few of them (approx 40). Hiring a saw works out to be quite expensive (have 2nd project a bit later on) so am looking at options to purchase a DIY tile (paver?) cutter and have come across the Clipper TT200 which looks like it may do the job. The Clipper spec mentions a max cutting depth of 40mm. Will the Clipper be suitable to cut the above concrete pavers – will the included blade be suitable or should this be upgraded […]
  • Wall & Floor Tiler Queensland Australia Tile Right About the role Seeking a Wall & Floor Tiler to join our down to earth team. Mainly domestic insurance work around Brisbane Australia metro suburbs. This position can lead to permanent residency. Why should you join us? Yes, a total of 8 weeks paid time off work per year- 4 weeks Holiday, 2 weeks Sick Pay, 10 Days Paid public Holidays Travel expenses paid for – We provide a substantial fuel allowance Flexible start & finish times – We can work around your needs Majority of work is domestic insurance work – […]
  • Hi everyone, Had some work done on my bathroom today, please pics. PXL-20210622-035246219 Image PXL-20210622-035246219 hosted in ImgBB PXL-20210622-035241825 Image PXL-20210622-035241825 hosted in ImgBB PXL-20210622-035248811 Image PXL-20210622-035248811 hosted in ImgBB PXL-20210622-035250538 Image PXL-20210622-035250538 hosted in ImgBB My question is, is the water proofing still intact here? Tiler said it was, the blue on the edge continues underneath, and they have now re tiled this area. I know that here PXL-20210622-035259899 Image PXL-20210622-035259899 hosted in ImgBB It is clearly not and they are re attending to rectify. Cheers
  • Hi all. I've read a few forum comments or articles about the dangers of laying tiles over floating floors due to deflection and cracking of grout/tiles. Was just wondering if there was any sort of floating substrate board where a professional tiler would be comfortable laying tiles on? Hypothetical: A 12 or 18mm thick dimpled acoustic underlay laid over the structural floor slab. Then, two layers of 6mm thick CFC, laid 90degrees to eachother so as to provide superior strength across the joins (less deflection). Would anyone here feel comfortable laying tiles onto that total 12mm thick CFC in that […]
  • Hi guys this need help I layed some gritty outdoor dark tiles but they get water stain and hold the dirt and don’t look good. I tried Dunlop enhancing sealer but it’s rubbish. Does anyone know of a heavy duty permeating wet look sealer?
  • Hi Guys, hoping someone can give me some advice on this. My alfresco concrete slab is tiled. As the slab is 1m above ground, I have a brick retaining wall around it. There's a gap/void between the alfresco slab and the brick ret. wall of around 100mm. The tiles go right to the brick ret. wall, so the last row of tiles go over the gap/void. This has caused some of the tiles to lift, crack, etc. Upon inspection, it looks like the tilers used some floor leveler or something similar and went over the void to cover it all […]
  • Hey guys, i have been a tiler for 15+ years and employ a few senior tilers as well with 20+ years experience each. We have always tried to stick to the australian standards and follow the manufacturers instruction. Except now i have a lawyer client who i trying to screw me to the letter of the law. Apparently an inspection report has come back stating that all my movement joints must be 6mm at least. When the rectified edge tiles have gaps of 1.5mm that means my silicon joints/expansion joints/internal joins will have a 6mm gap between floor to wall. […]

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