Tile Forum

TilersForums.co.uk started out in 2006 providing free tile advice via a new fresh tile forum that wasn’t connected to any training centre, adhesive manufacturer, tile association, or any other type of company that would end up steering the conversation in the direction of products and / or service they supply to the tile industry in the UK.

No Sales Tile Forum

As a forum entity that was completely unconnected to the commercial sales side of the tile industry in the UK, we were open to talk honestly about tools, tiling training, tile adhesive manufacturers, tile suppliers, and all the rate-a-trader type websites that were cropping up a year or so into our forum’s life.

International Tile Forum

In 2019 we saw it fit to take the forum to the next level, take it international, so we switched the hosting to provide the whole tile forum on the .com domain, and overnight we started to get American Tile Setters, Canadian Tile Setters, Australian and New Zealand Wall and Floor Tilers, along with many other countries finding and joining our forum.

We actually own an electrical forum and a plumbers forum that were hosted on .co.uk domain names and at the same time took all three forums over to an international domain name all at the same time, to great success.

More people could now access all our forums because of the domain change allowing us to show up in more countries search services.

Find the Free Tile Advice Forum

If you’re looking for the free Tile Forum and Community, then please checkout its new domain name which it will stay on for life now. www.TilersForums.com

COVID-19 / Coronavirus Advice for all Tile Fixers and Installers, along with their customers

This global pandemic has shattered most industries and trades. TilersForums.com is trying to help all tilers around the world, and their customers, to get things right and safe. Please visit the dedicated forum category over on TilersForums.com to find the latest information and advice with regards to tiling and COVID-19.