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  1. MarkSS

    MarkSS Active Member

    Hullo all!
    I’ve been impressed by the professional attitude of posters here so wonder if I might take some advice on my refurb project.
    It’s a 300m2 bungalow, mixed 60s/90s extension, solid floor.
    I’m a power wheelchair user and destroyed our old house hardwood floors in short order so am going for wood effect tiles in whole house except regular bathroom tiles.
    Remove screed, overlay insulated wet UFH if I can or excavate and re-slab wet UFH if I can’t.
    Question is : the wood effect tiles are narrow, often 150x20; any advice on buildup sequence for this?
    Anyone want to quote for this in SL6? 4 bathrooms to do!
    thanks, Mark

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  2. Best Answer:
    Post #4 by Fraser Tiling, Oct 21, 2017
  3. LEE MAC

    LEE MAC Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner

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  4. MarkSS

    MarkSS Active Member

    Great, thanks I will do. I would think I’d need several guys for this job!
    Any advice on the buildup? I see several times that larger format tiles are recommended for screed on insulation or even on overlay UFH boards.
    I’m contemplating biting the bullet and cracking out the old slab for a new, insulated buildup.
  5. Fraser Tiling

    Fraser Tiling Professional Tiler

    High Wycombe
    Best Answer
    Personally, coz I'm a bit cheap/miserly towards home expenses, I would keep the central heating, install sime funky rads, and have it controlled on a Hive or similar system.
    Then Ditra the floor and plank away.
    Lots of amazing timber effect tiles available.
    I do alot of work in GX, Stoke Poges, Farnham. Working in SL4 for next week or so.
    A few pics of timber effect floors I've done.
    Fraser Tiling -
    If moneys not an issue excavate, insulate, full wet, eco anhydrate, sand floor, allow drying time, sand, prime, decouple, then fix tiles.
    Know what I'd do.
  6. MarkSS

    MarkSS Active Member

    Thanks. I think the missus might chuck me out if I tiled the lounge and bedrooms without underfloor heat!
    I’ll keep your details handy in a few weeks.
  7. Fraser Tiling

    Fraser Tiling Professional Tiler

    High Wycombe
    I can understand that, there's also good electric undertile systems too.
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