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Discuss Wide outdoors slope transition ideas in the Tiling Forum area at

  1. Filip

    Filip Active Member

    I will be tiling an outdoor area, although outdoors it has a roof and 3 sides. The area is higher than the joining slabs with a slope which is on the the open side so it does get rain sometimes blown in onto it, also when being in the garden would have wet feet so it needs to be slip proof. The width is about 5 inches - see pictures. I will be tiling with a light grey colour tile and was thinking of an aluminium ribbed 5 inch wide profile. Any other ideas. And can I stick such a profile with the tile ady after a good going over on the back of the aluminium with an angle grinder.

    P10073.jpg P10874.jpg
  2. pdc

    pdc Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler

    Can you not take it up and make it the same level as the rest? If not, cut it back so it's in line with the post to the left and have a step. A slope outside the door maybe a bit of a hazard.
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  3. Filip

    Filip Active Member

    Thanks. we have had it like that for 19 years with the slope I used to paint it but have got fed up with re doing it so although the slope has been painted I think it has spent most of its time as bare concrete that is not slippy. Would like to keep as a slope.
    Taking up the whole 2.7x2.7 area concrete is NOT to happen :eek::D.
    I can find stair nosing's but not 2.7m long or 5 inch wide.
    I am thinking maybe find some sheets of ribbed aluminium and cut them to the same width as the tiles - say 450mm then 5 inch deep and lay them on the slope as a tile, at least that way I sort of wont have joins with 3 lengths of too short stair nosing.
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