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  1. Andyman

    Andyman Active Member

    Hi guys
    I know someone posted about a week or so ago dewalt v rubi.
    I currently have a Norton wet cut I've had for years.
    It's ok for the odd job but the fence accuracy is garbage.
    600mm sq is probably the biggest I'll do as I'm a building contractor not tiler (before you chip in I do understand it's all in the preparation etc).
    I could stretch to the dewalt I even liked the look of raimondi saws, they look great.
    I'd prefer not to bust the bank but also want to be able to cut good accurate mitres with whatever I possibly buy.
    Your help would be appreciated
  2. ATSDiamondTools

    ATSDiamondTools Official Member Support Company Support

    With the limitation at 600mm and the fact you're a contractor and won't be tiling day in day out, I'd go with a Rubi DU-200 or similar.

    Sub £300 and will do pretty much whatever you need it to do assuming anything specialist or over 600mm you get someone in to do it for you.
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  3. JulianSidney

    JulianSidney Billy no mates. Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler Top Contributor

    I'd only recommend using a grinder for mitres. I have a dewalt and found it's not accurate enough for mitres, still love it though. I have tried bridge saws for mitres and again not good enough.
    my real recommendation is get a tiler to do your tiling :rolleyes:
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