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Discuss What do you use to mark your tiles for cuts... in the Tiling Forum area at

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  1. DHTiling

    DHTiling Guest

    What do you use to mark your tiles with for cuts you use felt tips....lead pencils...china pencils.....what do you find best..??????

    do you use different on mat and glossy tiles...etc etc.....
  2. bencurtis

    bencurtis Guest

    all different depends on tile, but my sons crayon style pencils are good for wet cuts.:yes:
  3. Ric

    Ric Guest

    i use lead pencil then score line with dry cutter, wet saw follows line nicely, but would like to know if there is anything better to use.
  4. GazTech

    GazTech Guest

    marking out..tile face

    If snapping glazed tiles.ohp pens permanent, rub the mark off the tile if it is still visible after the cut....If the tile is satin face...pencil..(2 tiny marks top and bottom of tile)....Gaz
  5. wivers

    wivers Professional Tiler

    pencil, pen, blood, crayon anything i can lay me hands on.
  6. brummie tiler

    brummie tiler Guest

    i use pencil and felt although felt is rubbish when you go to put it on the wet cutter!
  7. ged

    ged Guest

    i ran out of marker pens on a job, but i bought a tipex pen from sweet shop and it worked great never lost the line in the wet cutter. Easy to buy when your miles away from a tile shop
  8. grumpygrouter

    grumpygrouter Guest

    Good tip that, bit hard on white tiles though!!:grin:

  9. penno

    penno Guest

    I always just use a pencil, even on dark tiles. Can always see it even if you use a wet cutter because it gives off that shine (providing you keep your water clean)
  10. brian c

    brian c Professional Tiler

    Pencil Or Felt Tip ,then Score,wet Cut Smallcut And Snap Big Cuts.
  11. cowboy

    cowboy Guest

    We use pretty much the same things herr in the states as you folks do over there.

    I use pencil mostly & use the pencil/score trick as mentioned as well but the best thing I use for wet cuts on dark tile & most stone is a "White-Out pen" as found in office supply houses for covering up mistakes on paper? . Not sure what they may be called in the UK but Presto Ball point makes a version & I believe Bic too?
  12. penno

    penno Guest

    do you mean a tippex pen Cowboy? (what we call them here)


    Wipe off the tiles ok?
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 26, 2017
  13. cowboy

    cowboy Guest

    Yes Thats the same !
  14. Varley

    Varley Guest

    I use ceramic markers from non other than Topps Tiles, they mark all types of tiles and don't come off in the wet cutter.
  15. wivers

    wivers Professional Tiler

    You on commisson vars? :p
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