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  1. Peter Lee

    Peter Lee Active Member

    Shenfield, Essex
    I am building a wet room, I have settled on an GRP former and tiled floor however the question is what to grout with.

    Ordinary cement grout may be ok however it will be wet for much longer than on the wall and is porous. I am presuming that normal grout will mark with grease from feet etc and that after not very long will look a pigs ear. So its acrylic or epoxy grout and acrylic doesn't seem very promising.

    This is a first for me and I am aware of the strict time limit on epoxy which seems to be around 45 mins; if I do the floor in sections will the next mix of grout adhere properly to what is already down and leave a watertight joint?

    Any comments/advice gratefully received.

  2. Rookery

    Rookery Professional Tiler

    It's probably a question of good, better and best. I daresay the vast majority of grouts used in domestic situations are cement based and with a few coats of grout sealer, will do the job fine. Mapei UCP would be my choice. Better would be the newer hybrid epoxies which have some cement content and are easier to use. It might come down to what colour you want/can get. I've used Ardex EG8 Hybrid Epoxy to good effect.
  3. impish

    impish Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler

    Preston, Lancs
    Epoxy grouts are not so scary IF....
    You have some white emulsifying pads (100% essential)
    and you work very cleanly and methodically.

    Or you get some Kerakoll Fugalite Bio to make it even easier.
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  4. Peter Lee

    Peter Lee Active Member

    Shenfield, Essex
    Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. Peter
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