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  1. VT23

    VT23 Active Member

    Hi all, I am amidst a DIY bathroom renovation and have just laid down my DCM pro mat and cable (4.5 sqm). However this morning i noticed that the matting has not stuck down as well as i expected in a few places along the perimeter of the room. I can lift the matting edges quite easily in a few places. I think it has stuck well over the majority of the floor but im now extremely nervous having seen this.

    Im starting to think that maybe my choice of insulation board was a mistake. I used the following:

    The boards are not smooth and have a coarse grid like mesh. I think the DCM matting isnt making full contact with the boards hence the lack of adhesion. I totally overlooked this scenario.

    The boards were cleaned and primed before installation of the matting so dust free.

    Not sure how to proceed now. :(
  2. Tom Astley

    Tom Astley Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler Top Contributor

    what did you use to stick the DCM mat down with?

    Are they self adhesive?
  3. Localtiler

    Localtiler Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner Top Contributor

    I think you are probably correct with what your saying about the texture on the boards, some are more so than others. I have used DCM pro, once with no issues but it didn't fill me with a lot of confidence even tho it's very sticky. I assume it's significant for you to come here and post. Might be best to take the mat up and replace with dural cifh mat which is easily available and not expensive for such a small area, and put your warm up cable into that mat, which you stick down with adhesive.
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  4. callatiler

    callatiler Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner

    Can you wind in the wire again? Then try peeling the matting back, if you can peel it all back off then you need to get some flexible fast set adhesive notch it onto floor then relay your matting onto it then leave to dry, then relay your wire.
    If you can only peel back a little at the edges before the cement face of the foam boards start coming with it then you just need to do same as above but just to perimeter then put weights on it till adhesive drys
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  5. VT23

    VT23 Active Member

    As a test i stuck down an off-cut of matting to a scrap piece of insulation board (primed) and left it for 24 hours. Ive just had a look and it was stuck down pretty well. It required a bit of force to pull it off and there where traces of cement in the adhesive from the board. I sure most of it must be stuck down well. Im just dont understand why other parts not so well.

    You suggestion sounds like the safe way to go but Im at my wits end with this project and ripping it up and starting over is a painful option to contemplate.

    Im tempted to staple the suspect edges down or even go over the matting with staples just to be sure. I know this will prevent the mat from decoupling and will probably void the warranty. As you can probably tell im desperate to finish this bathroom!

    Out of interest did you latex on top?
  6. Localtiler

    Localtiler Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner Top Contributor

    Staples info a foam board aren't going to help, neither is sticking the DCM pro with adhesive either as it's just plastic with a thin layer of glue on, there is no anchoring fleece like on all the other mats that you stick down with adhesive.
    You'll have to decide if it's stuck sufficiently.
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  7. VT23

    VT23 Active Member

    Warmup agreed the issue may indeed lay with the texture of the boards and quoted a line from the manual saying "ensure the surface is smooth and level".

    However they acknowledged the fact that the wording could be more descriptive and they plan to reword with more emphasis on this issue in the next reprint.

    As a good will gesture they have replaced the matting and recommended that i latex the insulation boards prior to re-fit.

    So i hope this thread (and my tale of woes) is helpful to any prospective DCM Pro fitters out there going forward.
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    Last edited: Oct 11, 2018
  8. Boggs

    Boggs Professional Tiler Top Contributor

    So they have designed a self adhesive matting that might not adhere properly to their own insulation boards, good work there then!
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