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  1. Westy

    Westy New to

    Hi, We are in the process of renovating a newly purchased house, currently living downstairs with the view to stripping out upstairs. We have one downstairs bathroom that I need to renovate for us to live sanely!
    We have our tiles and the floor is a raised timber floor, currently tiled, the plan is totally strip out and insulate underfloor, while I have the floor up I would like to install wet underfloor heating with the view to changing to underfloor for the whole downstairs in the future (maybe a year or so away though). Currently 18mm floorboards which will be coming up, will then be fitting rigid insulation between joist (400mm centres) with insulated spreader plates for the UFH pipes above the insulation, 18mm marine ply and tile, my questions are.
    • Will marine ply transfer heat satisfactorily? if not what should I use that is going to be rigid enough for tiling onto.
    • Is 18mm marine ply strong enough to prevent cracking of the tiles.
    Thanks in advance
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