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  1. morganste

    morganste Member of Tilers Forums

    Hi guys,

    I'm after some advice please.

    I am about to buy all the gear i will need to tile a kitchen wall, but getting a little stuck on what im going to do with a lip in the wall where an old coal stove used to be.

    the lip is proud from the wall approx. 15-20mm.

    Is there an aluminium trim i could use to make the lip into some kind of small splash back?

    I've drawn a simple diagram for you to get an idea.... (left - Side profile. Right - front profile)

    Many thanks. profile.jpg
  2. Bond

    Bond Addict

    A picture might be more usefully, in gauging a response.
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  3. Jacko

    Jacko Active Member

    Can you not remove the lip?

    I haven't seen tile trim that is big enough to cover something that size.
    If you can find a local metal stockholder, they might have Aluminium angle in the size you need.
  4. acaciaguy

    acaciaguy Professional Tiler

    If you have a pic that works is really help us help you
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