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  1. what

    what Active Member

    up north
    Is there any reason why you cant tile directly onto brickwork if you use plenty of good adhesive?
    I have a shallow brick fireplace recess which i am preparing for a wood burning stove
    It measures about 110cm H 65cm W and 30cm D.
    I was considering just using cement board but i have some smart 10mm calibrated slate floor tiles left over from the kitchen which I have used for the hearth and i would also like to slap onto the recess bricks.
    The brickwork is crappy but stable but i have cleaned it well and primed with mapei primer G.
    I need to keep the thickness shallow because of the 30cm depth restriction so don’t want to tile onto dot dabbed cement board if i don’t need to.
    Any opinions!
  2. macten

    macten Professional Tiler

    The only reason we don't do it is 'cos they are normally all over the place and by no means flat. If you think you can get them level without exceeding the max bed depth of your chosen adhesive then I can't see any reason why not.
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  3. what

    what Active Member

    up north
    Thanks - I reckon I can do that its a small area
  4. Localtiler

    Localtiler Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner

    6mm no more ply board bedded right back to the brick, that’s the easiest way to do this. I’m sure your not struggling for 6mm!
  5. pjc

    pjc Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler

    high wycombe
    Bricks are a good substrate to tile directly on.
  6. Dan

    Dan Est.2006 Staff Member NOT a Tiler

    Staffordshire, UK
    I'd have thought that. Need cleaning a bit if they're old. Perhaps priming. Perhaps just washing and de-greasing and waiting to dry.

    Suction on the adhesive (as in the wall taking water out quicker than usual) change anything? Maybe need to add a bit more water when mixing to compensate or something?
  7. Plan Tec Tiling

    Plan Tec Tiling Administrator Staff Member Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner Top Contributor

    Wimborne, Dorset
    When I tile to brick I like to use SBR to prime it...... it seems to consolidate the surface better than a standard acrylic primer. Give it a good brush down first then prime
  8. RayTheTiler

    RayTheTiler Professional Tiler

    years ago tilers would of tiled direct on to the bricks using a sand and lime bed
    soak the walls with water and the tiles also mix up a sand and lime mix of 3/1 spread the wall like a render back butter the tiles and apply tiles in to wet render. thats how it used to be done
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  9. Localtiler

    Localtiler Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner

    7C7B807B-481F-431D-B85E-8B1165626253.jpeg then off home for some bread and drippin’ and a bath
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  10. RayTheTiler

    RayTheTiler Professional Tiler

    dont throw the baby out with the bath water
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  11. Profix

    Profix Active Member

    Showing your age now.
  12. RayTheTiler

    RayTheTiler Professional Tiler

    i may be but theres few who can do in a day what i do at 56
  13. Albert

    Albert Professional Tiler

    Gateshead NE8, UK
  14. Bond

    Bond Addict

    Age and experience, Can’t beat it!
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