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  1. Weebisto

    Weebisto Active Member

    South Lanarkshire
    hi all, relatively new to tiling professionally and gradually building up quality and useful tools. Thinking about cutting holes in tiles to accommodate radiator pipes etc, what recommendations would you make? Ideally a set of various sizes. Looking for name and type of tool and supplier please? Thanks a lot
  2. Andy Allen

    Andy Allen Metro specialist & forum entertainer! Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner Top Contributor

    ATS Diamond tools..
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  3. wrighty

    wrighty Professional Tiler

    Same as above.
    A few months ago I bought some Electroplated holesaws for my cordless drill from them........still being used daily and still going strong
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  4. jcrtiling

    jcrtiling Professional Tiler TTA Member

    Get the angle grinder ones .
    Well worth it . Saves a lot of time .
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  5. Rosco100

    Rosco100 Professional tiler Professional Tiler

    Definitely go for the angle grinder ones,Super fast
  6. Weebisto

    Weebisto Active Member

    South Lanarkshire
    ok, sounds like good advice - how the heck do you put a holesaw on an angle grinder? best place to buy?
  7. Rosco100

    Rosco100 Professional tiler Professional Tiler

  8. StephenR

    StephenR Professional Tiler

    I use the cheap electroplated hole saws. You have to be careful that they are used on low speed and kept wet. You should be able to touch your skin with them while or after drilling a hole. Any hotter and their life is considrably shortened and by that I mean you might only get one hole. If holding a wet sponge on the drill is hard, then I just dip in water now and then and re-dip when the waste in the hole starts to turn to a paste. I haven't used sizes above 35mm. It's important to clear the waste out of the end immediately after each use which on the small ones can be a pain but let it dry in there and you might not get it out.

    I've tried the high speed dry use ones for grinders. The rubi ones I tried were rubbish on some tiles and great on others. Totally inconsistent. Once the wax hole blocks up (easily done) they stop working properly. I gave up on them. I also worried about the shear amount of heat the tile had to absorb and the possibility of heat fracture cracks (it never happened though) Their life is also suspect when compared price wise to the electroplated ones. I think their advantage is you don't need water and so they can be abused and not fail. But electroplated hole saws are faster and last longer in value for money terms in my experience. But I get that others may have a different experience.

    I've also tried the smaller dry use marcrist hole saw and again, slow and poor value for money. I'll be returning to get my money back.
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