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Hi folks,

I am having a downstairs small bathroom completely renovated. There will be a new concrete floor going in.

There will be a toilet, sink and shower. The shower area will be about 1200x900mm. The whole room will be about 2700x900mm so the shower fits nicely at one end, sink & toilet at the other, door at centre of one long wall.

I'd like the room to be a wet room.
The builder said he can drop the floor and then we can infill later with mortar and shape to the contour we want.

I like the look of these tiles (Cementi Otto Ala Verde):
Cementi | HydraulicStyle | Floor tile-Wall tile | Natucer Cerámica Natural - https://www.natucer.es/en/producto/serie/cementi

They are 9.5mm thick and are fitted with 5mm grout lines. They are listed as Class 1 but I can't find an R rating. I can get my hands on the larger version which is composed of

Squares - 7x7cm
Octagons - 17x17cm
Half Octagons
Corner pieces.


1. Are these type suitable for a wet room floor in terms of being able to cut and lay them to a suitable slope. Builder was advising to go with small mosaic for simple installation. A tile shop advised us we could lay any tile, it's just a matter of choosing the right envelope cuts.

2. Any advice on the best sloping approach. We have plenty of options with regard to the shower drain. Could go with a standard circular outlet or one of the more pricey rectangular ones.

I haven't engaged a tiler yet. I have done a few tiling jobs over the years and it has come out very well because I usually do plenty of reading up and am pretty meticulous and patient. So I may try this but haven't done a wet room before.



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I'll try to upload a photo of the tile pattern. See attached.

The pieces shown are provided individually, squares, octagons and so on.

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Hi Brian, if its no too late and you are invested in that particular tile format I would use a 800mm liner drain and have a mono pitch shower base. Theoretically you could use those tiles, but in my opinion and from information you have given it would potentially look messy with envelope cuts. I'm not a fan of envelope cuts personally.


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Paul, thanks for the reply.

It's not too late as no work has begun yet and nothing ordered or paid for. Am completely open to tiling suggestions also but am a bit bamboozled by all the choices.
I'm not really a fan of envelope cuts either. All those oblique lines spoiling the geometry.

When you say "mono pitch shower base" are you referring to some kind of low profile shower tray or do you instead mean to put the linear drain at the edge that is closest to the centre of the room and then have both sides sloping towards it, almost like an inverted apex roof.

As in the attached photo but with the drain going the full width of the room.


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Hi Brian, looking at the tile specs I'm pretty certain they are porcelain encaustic effect as opposed to actual cement, so would be fine in a wet area.

Really like the design and pattern, however the amount of cutting involved would be one hell of a challenge, given the size of the tile (6"x 6" & 3" X 3") if you were to choose a former that needed envelope cuts. A central square waste is easier than a linear one.

I'm sure the mono pitch is the same as pictured, would save a lot of work, never been lucky enough to tile one.

Personally I'd start from the shower area first, do all dry cuts, number the pieces and their corresponding positions on the former, will look like tiling by numbers! ;-). Then use a standard set adhesive which will buy you some time to "tweak" and fine tune everything.

Good luck
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