Stains on tiles since they were laid a year ago!!

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Charlotte Braham

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hi all I’m new here but I’m at loss now it’s been nearly a year since we had some white porcelain tiles laid with underfloor heating in the living room and hall way however shortly after they were laid I noticed they were stained I tried loads of cleaners some seemed to make it better some did nothing anyway I had the tiler back out he said he couldn’t see what I was on about but said he would clean them down anyway .. this didn’t make much difference anyway I have started to notice it more and more I’ve used so much different things but the marks are still there it’s not on all the tiles but some are worse than others does anyone have any ideas what this could be as it’s been like this from day one it’s not dirt and the floors are always kept clean any help would be fab thanks Charlotte the picture I have just posted they are just mopped clean so still abit wet it’s hard to get a good pic as in certain lighting on the camera it doesn’t show well

E1028552-B3D1-4ADA-B2A1-129A8891DE67.jpeg 6421A55C-5149-4859-9E85-0164A996FE24.jpeg 4CCDCC06-9DBD-4D26-8D3E-336F80A9B97A.jpeg

Charlotte Braham

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Omg is it actually Wickes and not the tiler lol I rang Wickes at the time and they pointed me back to the tiler lol .. ok I will try that.. It was an expensive job with all the underfloor heating but I’m literally on the verge of ripping it all up if I can’t find something to fix it. I’m guessing Wickes won’t take blame for it will they?

Lithofin BOB

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An alkaline cleaner would be the first to test and safest as above, as they may be a smear of polymer/ cementisiouse residue remaining from the grout install.
With the upmost respect to impish , I would test Lithofin intensive cleaner. Specific porcelain cleaner from that range
Others available

Test on one tile only, dilute product 1-3
Apply generously to one tile and scrub over with a white emulsifying pad every 1 min of 8-10 mins
Rinse several times and towel dry
Check the tile ,repeat if req
If clear work through in small controlled sections
If this has not moved , you may need to test a cement residue remover as above
Once this residue is removed the floor will be easier to maintain.

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