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Shower corner grout?

Discussion in 'Tiling Forum' started by mac456, May 15, 2018.

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  1. mac456

    mac456 Active Member

    Hi Guys,

    So I have not long been in this house and I was recently going to re-seal the shower but I have noticed that they have used grout on the internal corner which has a hairline crack at the very top.

    On another forum someone has basically said that silicon should've be used for the corners and not grout.

    So what is the best way to tackle this?
    Should I cut all the grout out and start again with silicon?
    How hard is this job (I've never done anything like this before)?
    I am thinking of getting this tool below to scrape the grout out?



    Should there be silicon between the pattern?

    IMG_5186.JPG IMG_5184.JPG
  2. mac456

    mac456 Active Member

    Anyone? Can I just seal over it with silicon?
  3. Adey1980

    Adey1980 Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler Top Contributor

    If you go over the grout with silicone it will eventually fail, best bet is to try and get the grout out and use a decent brand silicone.
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  4. mac456

    mac456 Active Member

    Thanks, I'll give it my best shot at removing the grout
  5. PaulSmith

    PaulSmith Professional Tiler

    Rake out as much as possible without damaging the tiles.
    Bead up with quality Dow Corning, Mapei etc,..
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