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  1. Mgriffy61

    Mgriffy61 Active Member

    Wanted to spruce up the bathroom tiles after grout starting to go mouldy and in parts has sunk with pin holes in it. Tiling is about 15 years old.

    Tile spacing is about 3-4 mm so decided to rake out the grout down about 4-5 mm as I could get a grout rake in between
    the tiles. What a job that was !

    First off, is that deep enough ?

    Secondly, what do you guys recommend for a novice, first timer, to use to re-grout bearing in mind there is a power shower ? After reading multiple forum threads I understand pre-mixed is out of the question.

    Would prefer a smooth grout finish rather than a gritty one if possible.

    After watching multiple YouTube videos I think I've got the technique (but we'll have to wait and see :) )

  2. Localtiler

    Localtiler Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner Top Contributor

    Tilemaster grout 3000. As long as there is a few mm gap, you should be fine
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  3. Simon Dale

    Simon Dale Professional Tiler

    Mapei premix. Saw a demo looks easy and no colour change
  4. anne_mutens

    anne_mutens Active Member

    Deep enough. Go for the smoother grout
  5. david mccullough

    david mccullough Active Member

    northern ireland
    us sand paper, folded over, use edge of paper and lightly rub joints and only when the walls are dry, should clean the joints enough
  6. John G

    John G Active Member

  7. Stefan

    Stefan Active Member

    Houston, TX
    Mapei makes a color sealer.
  8. Mike Wilson

    Mike Wilson New to

    B64 5QX
    I think you need to go for the smoother grout
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