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  1. Dave Elliott

    Dave Elliott Active Member

    Hi guys,
    I already own a DeWalt D24000, it’s a brilliant saw and makes a fantastic job of any cut I throw at it...the only problem with it is that it’s too big for some jobs. I also own a 110mm Plasplug wet saw that I’ve owned for about 12yrs and to be fair for the money it’s been a little workhorse. It’s been great for all the small jobs but unfortunately it’s getting tired now and I’ve lost the fence so I want to replace it. I’ve decided to go a bit bigger than the 110mm and probably go for something in the order of a 180mm. I’ve looked at the saws on the market i.e the Rubi, Erbauer etc and they all seem to have good reviews by diy tilers but as soon as a professional has a say then they get crap reviews. I’m at a total loss of what to buy... I’m happy to spend up to £200. Have any of you guys got any suggestions please.
    As always, many thanks in advance for you help.

    Cheers Dave.
  2. Tom Astley

    Tom Astley Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler

    Get the Erbauer and change the blade.
  3. TheAofT

    TheAofT Active Member

    North London
    Hi Dave,
    In terms of the budget of under £2..., I would suggest having a look at Belle Minitile or Magiktile saws.
    They even sell ex-demo or used saws and equipment.
    Blade range 180/200 mm with 25.4 bores.
    Reliable, light, easy to clean and British made with the full support and spare parts available.
    You may hire one of them and test on some of your jobs.
    I've been using Magiktile 180 since 2007 and still does the job ( 7days per month at least ). Obviously, you have to use appropriate blades.
    The only thing I'd point out is plastic set of flanges and tend to melt a bit ( really heavy use though ) but haven't changed them so far.
    It always good to make some sort of stand or fix the saw on a workbench for stability otherwise it keeps moving around if you know what I mean.
    Also, there is Briccolina portable wet saw by Siri on the market.
    SIRI-Briccolina art.39B d.150 -
    You can get it from
    Also, they have a special attachment for the saw called work plan with square and basin.
    That's what I'd use for small and relatively fast-track jobs.
    Hope it will help with the decision:thumbsup:
  4. whitebeam

    whitebeam Moderator Staff Member Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner

    My Rubi nd200 has been a gem over the years.
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  5. Dave Elliott

    Dave Elliott Active Member

    Brilliant thanks for your reply and advice, after having a closer look I think I’m gonna go for the Belle, it looks like the one for the job. Cheers Dave
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