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  1. A J

    A J Active Member

    Hi all,

    New here although have been following the odd thread or two on and off.
    I have a strange initial question and I am hoping to get some advice. Before I knew about this forum, I contacted about 20 odd tilers from CaT and pretty much 0 got back to me.
    So I jumped onto Rated and MyBuilder and got a couple of interested tilers.

    One has now quoted but I have no idea if it is a good or bad quote - obviously if I had a few quotes I could compare.
    The job is not huge which is part of the issue I think.
    It's essentially tiling the bathside and either side of the bath tub wall (small) as the developers only half-tiled it making it unusable.
    Rough dimensions of area to be tiled:
    Along bath: 120cm
    Along wall: 70cm
    Along Opp wall: 90cm
    From current trim to ceiling (area required to tile): 120cm
    Tile size: 31.6 x 59.2cm

    Being a new build, the walls are pretty much prepped and ready to go as the bathroom has not been used due to the half-tile issue.

    What should I be expecting roughly for this as a quotation in the GU (Surrey) area? Tiles and grout is supplied so its just the adhesive and trim

    I will list the job on here too but I think I will have issues with timing for next week installation.

    I found a few threads with rough sq/m costs but I am unsure how to even calculate the sq/m requires tiling with the above measurements.
    Thanks in advance
  2. Waluigi

    Waluigi Guest

    My neck of the woods- GU !

    It really depends on the prep work before tiling.

    We can’t discuss prices in the open forum here I’m afraid.
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  3. The Tiler

    The Tiler Active Member

    sounds like a days pay plus a bag of adhesive.
    as above all depends on the prep that has to be down.
    are the walls painted?
    is it going to have a shower over the bath?
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  4. A J

    A J Active Member

    Ah - I did think potentially it might be a slightly gray area in terms of pricing although I suppose all I would be after is what to expect on a rough scale even if it was a lower/upper scale.

    I have now listed it on here too so lets see :)

    On the note about prep - the bathroom is just over 3 years old as part of a new build we purchased.
    It's never been used and so the walls are as they were from day 1 - ie: straight, plastered and a coat of emulsion I think?
    There is a shower already bolted to the one of the existing tiles and it can remain there post-tiling.
  5. Waluigi

    Waluigi Guest

    Keep in mind that anyone who does the work won’t be able to guarantee the bottom section of tiles.

    It’s highly unlikely that this area was tanked.

    Regarding the work- the paint would need to be removed, the trim cut off, the area to be tanked and then the work done. Surrey prices, you would probably get £400 change from your grand.
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  6. Boggs

    Boggs Professional Tiler

    Someone’s after the job ☝️ :D
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  7. A J

    A J Active Member

    Perfect - I had no idea about the paint and in actual fact thought it was a good thing to have it as a base!
    So on that note, removal of paint was not mentioned at all in the quote I got earlier which now worries me and pretty much answers the question I had at the back of mind.

    In terms of cost, you are actually bang on the penny for the quote I got but as mentioned, has nothing about the paint issue.

    This helps a lot and so I will wait and see what comes up on the Tiler request forum for the job - and this does include you Waluigi if you are after it ;)
  8. Waluigi

    Waluigi Guest

    Nah, I couldn’t put my name to half a job. Plus I am washing my hair next week :D
  9. A J

    A J Active Member

    You could wash your hair in the brand new 3 year old bath tub we're unable to use due to the lack of tiling- no charge :)
  10. Waluigi

    Waluigi Guest

    Honestly, I’m booked well into the new year. Good luck with the work.
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