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  1. mr white

    mr white Active Member


    I'm coming to the end of tiling my kitchen floor, and as much as my knee's are killing me, I'm really getting into to it and I'm going to start the bathroom soon and buying materials ready :)

    My bathroom floor/walls are ply wood, I was going to lay Ditra mat on the floor before laying porcelain tiles.

    I need more adhesive to finish for the last couple of tiles in the kitchen, If I buy another bag of Mapei Keraflex Maxi S1 (which is what I'm currently using) , can I use the rest of the bag in the bathroom? on the ditramat maybe? or direct to the plywood? And do I use primer G on the plywood aswell?

    Or is there another product that I can use on the last few tiles on the concrete floor, and use also in the bathroom?

    I've read that keraquick would be a good adhesive to lay the Ditra mat, as it was a Polymer modified adhesive, but was worried that the 30mins pot life might be a bit quick for me.... I would rather stay working with something I can take my time with and not worry about wasting adhesive if possible?


  2. Martyn Leeds

    Martyn Leeds Professional Tiler

    I'd be more worried about sorting the Ply walls..
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  3. theandroids

    theandroids Active Member

    From what I've been told you need Ardex AF200 plus, to lay the ditra first. I don't know if you need to prime the ply first though. Maybe a pro can tell you that.
    But in the videos I've seen they don't prime the plywood, they just put the thinset down then the ditra.
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