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  1. earlm

    earlm New to

    Sorry for what is probably a repetitive question but my search hasn’t found what I want…..

    I’m replacing my bathroom which will include tiling the walls and floor with 300x500mm ceramic tiles.

    The existing floor is chipboard, only around 3 m2 in an L shape. So plan on screwing it to the joists, fitting a 6mm insulation board with mapei flexible adhesive (Mapei Rapid-Set Adhesive Grey 20kg | Wall & Floor Tile Adhesive & Grout | - and lots of woodscrews, then tiling directly onto that with the same adhesive and using a flexible grout. Do I need to prime the floor first? If so with what? The B&Q Q board looks the most economical and easy to source, any reasons not to?

    Can I use a silicone style product rather than tile adhesive?

    I also want to tile the bath panel. I had planned on cutting a ply panel, framed on some battons, which would be screwed through into another frame inside the bath, but I’ve just seen the Q board bath panels in B&Q which is basically a bit of 30mm insulation board with adjustable feet. Do these make things any easier? Theoretically easier to level, but presumably if you want it to fit flush to the rest of the tiling / room then you need to be just as precise with everything else it wont be square?

    Are there any advantages of using insulation board for box sections (waste pipe) over ply or plasterboard? Or best to utilise offcuts?

    I've just finished my ensuite so am happy with the rest of it, but in there I used the click lock vinyl stuff on the floor.

    Thanks all.
  2. Simon Dale

    Simon Dale Professional Tiler

  3. Tom Astley

    Tom Astley Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler

    Are the tiles from B&Q? if so then I wouldn't use their ceramic tiles on a wooden floor, they will not be suitable, try and use a porcelain tile if possible.

    Yes you will have to prime the chipboard prior to using tile adhesive on it (goes under the insulation boards)

    As for the bath panel, B&Q are now selling a fibre board bathpanel that is better to use and lighter and easier to cut than plywood.
  4. wrighty

    wrighty Professional Tiler

    If you're using insulation board you will need large alloy or plastic washers in conjunction with your screws, which shouldn't be any longer in length than the thickness of your insulation board and chipboard.
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  5. earlm

    earlm New to

    Thanks for the replies.

    I'e already bought the b and q tiles and they go with the rest of the wall tiles.

    What problems will I encounter with them, why aren't they suitable?

    Any idea where I can get the large washers or what I might need to search for? Can't see anything in toleration or screwfix.
  6. Simon Dale

    Simon Dale Professional Tiler

    Wickes sell them but expensive packs of 25 I think. Flea bay also
  7. earlm

    earlm New to

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