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  1. LJD

    LJD Active Member

    Got started using this system 3 days ago. I dont tile often but when I do, I get it "100% right ! clients always happy and these are multi million pound properties .I have used "lash" systems before . Firstly the main difference is the "clip" strength .Then fitting and using the 'gun" I can get nice and tight and they are not snapping . when "knocking off" the next day . only 2-3 have snapped short and required "trimming down" My old gun works fine and I glad I did not spend more on a new one . Had to order some more clips today .

    They are expensive ..... but as its allowed me to "relax" and know I am setting the tiles nice and flat its worth it. Just have to make sure I price in enough for each JOB. The whole feel to them is good .

    But...If I was full time tiling and wanted to save money . I would be seriously interested in trying this system as its 100 % re usable Also looks silly quick

    ★NEU★ Aydinc Fliesenschlüssel Nivelliersystem Tile Leveling System Verlegehilfe | eBay -

    sure the costs will come down. Or 3rd party clips from china etc will become better made etc.At the moment the retail costs are TOO high for what is very cheap plastic bits .
  2. pdc

    pdc Speling & grammer specialyst Professional Tiler

    I wouldn't fancy trying to get those metal clips out of set tile adhesive.
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  3. Chalker

    Chalker Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner

    Looks like you pull them out once the tile is levelled.
  4. LJD

    LJD Active Member

    Its a good point .But from the videos and reviews. It seems that its not been a issue (or one worth mentioning) I would still like to try it !
  5. pdc

    pdc Speling & grammer specialyst Professional Tiler

    Doesn't from the pictures.. s-l400.jpg
  6. LJD

    LJD Active Member

    I think they get removed before the adhesive goes right "off" At the point where its not going to affect the level .Some one should get a sample pack and do a review !

    last year 5 of of us did our own "Caulk" test . We used about 20 different types on a huge amount of different surfaces .Then painted them. then 3 months later we looked and could see many had failed . Some due to been rubbish . some due to not like been painted in a certain way etc . The clear winner was "Screwfixs" Acrylic "anti crack" by a long way

    I love trying new things and the metal system does make sense . In a way !
  7. impish

    impish Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler Top Contributor

    There's no way (I can see) that those metal clips would come out if the adhesive is up to the edges as it should be. And how can you wait until the adhesive is "just going off"?
    As ever - I'm open to persuasion though!
  8. Bond

    Bond Active Member

    Look like a lot of hassle to me.
  9. LEE MAC

    LEE MAC Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner Top Contributor

    Am I right in understanding that in therory you'd have to stop tiling how ever so many hours it takes before the adhesive starts to set before you need to leave the job so as to be able to remove the metal clips? Looks like a 'bad' good idea to me, but I could be wrong.
  10. LJD

    LJD Active Member

    Something about it makes me want to like it !

    But I still want to see a good 'clip" that is cheaper than Getting them sent from the suppliers .With the delivery etc it all adds up.
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