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  1. Markroper

    Markroper Active Member

    I have just been round to someone who wants their back yard tiled with 600x600 porcelain 20mm tiles. The floor is concrete but not level. There is also a drain cover and also a small drwin in the corner coming down from the gutter. Should I use exterior self levelling g compound to level the floor then tile onto flexible adhesive. Also I'm worried about drainage if I use self levelling compound the surface will be flat. The customer says that when it rains it leaves a puddle in the centre of the yard. The area is around 5mx5m. The customer doesn't want pavers and also I do t think they could fit under the door lip laying on sand bed. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    IMG_0610.JPG IMG_0611.JPG IMG_0612.JPG IMG_0613.JPG
  2. Bond

    Bond Addict

    I see your problems, shame about the unfortunate manhole position. Concrete looks like it has been painted in the past. (So requires a bit of prep)You will need a reasonable amount of fall to adequately remove any surface water from the area. You could build an upstanding around the gully top, to contain any rain water overflow.
  3. Middlesex Tiles

    Middlesex Tiles Company Support

    There are pedestal systems available for 20mm porcelain, which can be regulated to give a slope. As far as I'm aware (but I'm not a fitter) there should be little or no further prep required.
  4. jcrtiling

    jcrtiling Professional Tiler TTA Member


    This adpeds pedestal system from Hampshire tile warehouse
  5. Middlesex Tiles

    Middlesex Tiles Company Support

    There are other systems available which are a dry fix - therefore making the manhole much more accessible. I thought that the whole point of 20mm porcelain was pedestal installation.
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  6. Porcelainwood

    Porcelainwood Active Member

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