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Discuss Near the end of the Brexit Pound Price Hike? - Some think so in the Tiling Forum area at

  1. Dan

    Dan Est.2006 Staff Member NOT a Tiler

    Staffordshire, UK
    Good news for us Brits. Apparently the brexit-related price-hikes related to the pound are coming to an end.

    Next and Morrisons predict end to Brexit-related price rises -

    I got a bit sick of people blaming brexit for hiking their prices when we haven't even exited anything yet, and the fluctuation of the pound:dollar and pound:euro has been much greater in the past and we never saw country-wide price hikes then.

    Apple seem to be charging £1000 for a phone, or $1000 - so they don't give a tosh about the actual value of the pound or dollar by the looks of it.

    Dow breaks through 22,000, boosted by Apple - as it happened -

    Apparently towards the end of 2018 we'll be pretty much back to normal.

    No more excuses from suppliers to increase prices and blame brexit when they're actually just making a few quid. :D
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  2. Dan

    Dan Est.2006 Staff Member NOT a Tiler

    Staffordshire, UK
  3. Rookery

    Rookery Professional Tiler

    Brexit related or not, I definitely noticed in the last year or so a lot far eastern musical equipment went up in price significantly I suppose Euro related. Guitars amps that sort of thing. I'm still definitely glad we voted to leave and it cant come soon enough.
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