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  1. Muff Tiler

    Muff Tiler Active Member

    Sup guys,

    Anyone come across tiles sealed with nano wax?

    Am laying some atm and customer has asked how long wax seal last.

    Not sure but any info would be amazballs.

    Peace out,
  2. Localtiler

    Localtiler Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner

    Ayup muff. Nano sealers are the in thing at the moment with car detailers, think it depends on the physical cleaning as to there durability
  3. Muff Tiler

    Muff Tiler Active Member

    Thanks man,

    Wasn't sure if it was all a load of b.s or not.
  4. Tile Fix Direct

    Tile Fix Direct Julian at TileFix Direct TF Official Sponsor

    There are nano seals and there are nano seals. Until quite recently there were 'nano sealed super black tiles' coming out of China that were covered in what looks like black boot polish! If from a reputable manufacturer the seal will last a long time.... but, if from a non reputable manufacturer you may not know what has been used.
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