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  1. Coop5

    Coop5 Active Member

    Hi all.

    I am nearly ready to tile my bathroom and would love to hear whether I am going to be doing it properly.

    I have searched many times but tbh I have found some conflicting advice opinions which have left me confused ‍♂️

    2 x walls and the floor.

    One wall is dot and dab plaster board, and the other is skimmed plaster over a plaster boarded stud wall.

    I have tanked both walls as I have plumbed my new bath in.

    So, I am applying sbr to both the skimmed wall and plaster boarded dot and dab.
    I am using ceramic tiles on the skimmed wall, and either ceramic or porcelain on the dot and dab.

    The floor is chip board (new extension) so I intend on using Hardi backer board (6mm) I am going to use adhesive first then screw board down using 25mm screws. Once set I will then tile onto the backer boards.

    Does this sound all ok? Few questions:

    Do I need to prime the chipboard prior to using adhesive?

    I have read a SPF will suffice for the floor. Is this correct as been told I need 2 part?

    Can you recommend a decent adhesive for both floor and wall? And a decent grout.

    The floor is solid.

    I have done a few diy tiling jobs but want to make sure this is done properly.

    Thanks all (Plasterer by trade)
  2. Rookery

    Rookery Professional Tiler

    Walls. Both fine to fix to. I'd be using Mapei P9 powdered adhesive. Good stuff, long pot life, sticks ceramic & porcelain.
    Floor. I'd also over-board with 6mm Hardie glued & screwed to chipboard. I would prime the chipboard and also make sure the boards are dust free. I'd use Mapei Keraquick for the floor, it's S1 rated but if you wanted to go 2 part, mix it with Mapei Latex instead of water. That'll increase the pot life a smidge too.
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  3. Coop5

    Coop5 Active Member

    Awesome mate, thanks a lot

    I’m using a 10mm round notched trowel for the floor. Is that ok for both securing backer boards to chipboard and tiles to backer board ?
  4. Localtiler

    Localtiler Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner Top Contributor

    Usually 6mm to 8mm works best for sticking backerboard down. 10mm trowel good for tiles upto around 300x300
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  5. df1777

    df1777 Active Member

    Winner winner chicken dinner
  6. Rookery

    Rookery Professional Tiler

    10mm notch will do. Always good practice to back skim the tiles as well as combing the substrate, to ensure you're getting adequate adhesive coverage. Mapei Keraquick is rapid set. If you need a slow set you want Keraflex.
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