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  1. Caroline998

    Caroline998 New to

    Im looking to restore my floor back to its former glory. What should i use to remove grime and an idea of where to get tiles to match and replace broken and missing tiles.

  2. Lithofin BOB

    Lithofin BOB Test, Test, Test, you know it’s for the best. Company Support

    I would first test a specific alkaline tile cleaner , we have Wexa or LTP do grimex or similar
    Dilute , work over 3-4 tiles only with a white pad and brush 10-12 mins scrubbing every 1-2 mins rinse and repeat or strengthen dilution and re-test,
    If you think there is old sealers applied, or a linseed oil , test a solvent based stripper.
    Once test tiles clean up, work in small controlled sections to complete the floor.
    If any paint drips, carpet glue,deeper stains remain , you may need to re-work or test a solvent stripper on these tile.
    If after this you may have to deal with light salt residue or cement haze, you would test a specific cement residue remover- ( acidic product) again test - dilute- clean and rinse. This should cover most contamination you may have.
    I used to leave mine 4-5 days minimum or until fully dry and released of all moisture after the last rinse , then impregnate.

    If you wanted to seal once all work is complete, you will then need a specific Impregnator for unglazed ceramics . Matt finish - water and oil reppelance and easier to maintain.
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