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  1. OM96

    OM96 New to

    Hi guys,
    Planning on tiling the bathroom in the next couple of weeks. Will be using these tiles Oscano Graphite Stone Effect Ceramic Wall & Floor Tile, Pack of 6, (L)498mm (W)298mm | Departments | DIY at B&Q -

    Have read a few threads and just want a little guidance before I start. Am I right in thinking that I want an S1 or S2 adhesive? (Tiling on primed plaster)
    Also, I have read quite a few of you guys talk about Mapei products...would you suggest this is the better brand?
    Finally, I want a grey grout finish. Does that mean I need to buy a coloured adhesive too?

    Cheers guys
  2. Tom Astley

    Tom Astley Professional Tiler

    My advice is to choose a better quality tile for the floor.
  3. OM96

    OM96 New to

    Thanks but that isn't helpful. I like them
  4. Tommcd

    Tommcd Active Member

    S1 or S2, either is fine. Make sure you get a standard set (as opposed to rapid set) if it's your first job else you'll be going through no end of buckets!
  5. Localtiler

    Localtiler Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner Top Contributor

    I would probably be reluctant to fit those tiles to a bathroom floor.
  6. timeless john

    timeless john Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner Top Contributor

    North East England
    If you came on this forum for advice then listen to the views of professional tile fixers.
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  7. Tommcd

    Tommcd Active Member

    He maybe needs to be told what the issue is with the tiles he has chosen so he can make a more informed choice. They seem to be a cheap tile with lots of positive reviews.
  8. Tilergal

    Tilergal Active Member

    I'm sorry OM96 but I agree with the other members. These tiles look fine for walls (although personally I detest the quality of all tiles made for B and Q) but I doubt they're robust enough for foot traffic, even in a bathroom. If you're going to the trouble and expense of tiling a floor why not spend a little extra and get a better quality product that will last for many years?
    If these tiles start to chip at the edges or crack across you're going to have a hell of a job getting them up to replace and will probably end up having to redo the whole floor. The colour and effect you prefer is easily available in a better quality tile.
  9. Filip

    Filip Active Member

    I would defiantly agree with getting normal set adhesive, I did my bathroom walls a couple of years ago and used twice as much adhesive because I couldn't put them on the walls quick enough before it suddenly went off in the bucket. Then not to mention all the extra time cleaning everything that had set adhesive on it.
    As a DIYer myself I find forums like this very helpful, I can find out about the best tools, adhesive, grout, but unless I have missed it there is no info about how to buy and what is a good quality tile.
  10. impish

    impish Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler

    Preston, Lancs
    Actually, you made a really good point there.
    We're quick to dismiss poor tiles but maybe a guide is needed...
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