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Discuss Levelling clips how many? in the Tiling Forum area at

  1. pdc

    pdc Living the dream..... Professional Tiler

    Haven't you just answered your own question? ;)
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  2. Sean Kelly

    Sean Kelly Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler

    Yea......sort of!!! Hahaha
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  3. LEE MAC

    LEE MAC Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner

    Tommy you say you’ve never laid a tile of this size, with that in mind I must stress to you the importance of good prep and and having a flat floor, also you need to make sure you back butter the tile (with a 4mm if needs be) to get full coverage. All trowelling on floor and tile must be in the shortest direction so the air escapes and let’s the notches collapse. Don’t mean to tell a granny how to suck eggs but I hope you get where I’m coming from :)
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  4. Tommythetiler80

    Tommythetiler80 Active Member

    Thanks for your kind words Lee. I back butter like my life depends on it , I think I drive my boss mad with all the addy I use on certain jobs ;). Are you calling me a granny :D
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  5. Filip

    Filip Active Member

    Only a DIYer here but I am almost finished my daughters kitchen with 600x300 and I used Tile Lash and I think they are 1mm and I am using 3mm spacers but what I am finding is (because I am messy) its very easy to get addy around the clip part which makes it hard to get anything less than a 3mm gap. After removing some I can see that it is much better to use thin ones with extra spacers to reduce the risk of chipping. I use a fish finger size block of plastic to push the wedge in with two thumbs behind it. I also find the bottom of the lash ones very springy and a bit too stiff, I wouldn't fancy using these on a wall with thinner tiles.
    I underestimated how many I would need and just brought a box of 150 for a 10m 2 room and had to buy another 60. I will be nicking her wedges and just buying some extra clips for my own use.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2018
  6. andy tiler

    andy tiler Andy Carroll Tiling Ltd Professional Tiler

    I use clips for everything IMG_20180214_143411.jpg
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