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  1. Spikenaylor

    Spikenaylor Active Member

    Hi there

    I am going to be tiling my kitchen floor
    The kitchen floor has not be touched since we moved in. ( 2019 new build)

    The house is an upside down house, kitchen effectively on the first floor

    Tiles have been layed down direct onto the floorboards (Chipboard flooring)

    Tiles have cracked in straight lines.

    Will rip up the tiles and check floor is secure

    was thinking about using the Hardie Backer boards on top of the floor before tiling.

    Going through Topps Tiles initially- other shops are available, just need advice about the boards and the adhesive to use.

    Bal Single Part Fastflex has been selected for the adhesive, but is this something you guys would use for this situation or is there something better to use and maybe not nearly as expensive and as other posts have said use adhesive between backer board and floor for filling of gaps.

    If this is the better stuff to use, then I am fine with that, just asking upfront.

    4M by 2.8M but with kitchen island

    any advice would be gratefully received

    thanks for looking

  2. Waluigi

    Waluigi Guest

    Might be best to get the floor up and have a look at the state of the chipboard.

    Overboarding with Hardiebacker in principal is fine. You would need to make a judgement on the condition of the chipboard. I tend to screw the chipboard down next to the existing ring shank nails before overboarding.

    I wouldn’t use fastflex. I’d use a cheap-ish adhesive for gluing boards down.

    I stuck some down today actually. Used Tilemaster lightweight as I got a free bag.

    Adhesive you use depends on what you have locally.

    Topps do a slow set and rapidset flexible made by Palace which would work fine and probably a lot cheaper than Bal. I would have a chat with a local independent though.
  3. Andy Allen

    Andy Allen Metro specialist & forum entertainer! Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner

    I use fastflex on all my wooden substrate, expensive ....yes, messy to use...yes.
    But it is a very flexible adhesive for the belt and braces approach...!
  4. timeless john

    timeless john Moderator - trainee Staff Member Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner Top Contributor

    North East England
    If it’s a new build don’t touch it until the builder has been informed. Should be covered in the NHB scheme.
  5. Martyn Leeds

    Martyn Leeds Professional Tiler

    Indeed, speak to the builder, maybe a bit of compensation or something, even though your house is from the future, that's if it was built in 2019..
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