I return to talk about clips :(

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I'm going back to talking about self-leveling clips. (systems with wedge, the other me, I do not use them)
I see photos in the internet, where many clips are inserted.
sometimes it seems exaggerated.
in a 120cm tile put 5/6 / 7clips ...
now I get to the point.
it's worth spending little money on clips that they can not get
enough strength to align the tiles?
now I'm trying a model that costs almost half of raimondi rls,
maybe they are the best I've tried after raimondi, but ....
if I have curved tiles, I have to put many more to be able to
do a good job, then I want to talk when they break the next day,
they are softer, they break badly and cleaning takes more time.
now for the happiness of all specialists who do not use raimondi ;)
after almost 2.5 years I'm here, I still remain of my opinion.


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Been given Levtec to try. Australian, they seem as good as Raimondi ?
I’m afraid I’ll have to disagree there Simon, now whether using them in the sunshine this week made a difference or not I don’t know, not having used them indoors as yet.
But my opinion is that they are below average, they needed to be continually checked because they stretched so much, tighten and re tighten and re tighten.
That said, if the tiles are laid perfectly and you’re not relying on the clips to do any of the work for you
(which you shouldn’t be I might add :) except in certain circumstances like bowed pieces) they do the job. So if clips are something you use only on occasion, then for the ridiculously low price that you pay for the levtec system, they’re just ‘ok’ and probably worth having a bag or two shove down in the corner somewhere for that odd occasion.
But as always, it’s just my opinion, yours may differ.
But what you can’t ignore, is the very low cost.
I hope it wasn’t a one day only offer, but Trimline were selling them for £25 for 500 clips AND wedges.
Perhaps @BRW can confirm the price, even tho my thoughts are not exactly favourable. Sorry Ben. :)
One redeeming quality is that they have super thin bases! :thumbsup:
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