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  1. Andy Jones

    Andy Jones Active Member

    Hi all... I have changed career after 30 years and am starting up as a 'handyman', which will involve bathroom refits and tiling.
    I have done lots of personal tiling over the years but never charged anyone for it.....that is a daunting prospect. I want to ensure I provide the best service possible and am thinking of completing a weeks training at UK Protiling - 4 Day Wall & Floor Tiling Course with an additional Natural stone and business day.
    Has anyone had any experience of this course?
    Does anyone think it's necessary, or am I wasting time and money?

    All thoughts greatfully received
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  2. Rookery

    Rookery Professional Tiler

    A course should teach you the basics but only the basics. You will need practice and more practice and have the right attitude. Your customers will be paying for some of your training while you build up a local reputation. You wont earn much for the first few years until you get your speed up but you'll have a lot of job satisfaction, and a few heartaches, along the way. Never ever tell yourself 'oh that'll do', cos it wont.
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  3. LEE MAC

    LEE MAC Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner Top Contributor

    Hello and welcome, we're here to help:)
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  4. Bond

    Bond Addict

    Welcome Andy, you're be in good company here.
  5. Adey1980

    Adey1980 Professional Tiler

    Welcome to the forum, as said your in the right place for advice and help.
  6. judge

    judge Professional Tiler

    Hi Andy,welcome aboard the tiling bible,see you in the morning,
    Oh,I've got an extra pair of hands coming with me. Julian
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