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Discuss How to finish the edge of split faced tiles. in the Tiling Forum area at

  1. MalcyB

    MalcyB Active Member

    Hi All .
    As the title says.
    My customer has bought these for her kitchen, I've sorted out how I'm going to do the switches & sockets, but it is any bare top edges that are going to be on show. Has anyone any experience of these or can anyone recommend a way to finish them off to make them look good?
    Also how to finish around the window reveal, would mitring them work?
    I've shown the edge as well as the face.

    Thanks for any help.


  2. Tom Astley

    Tom Astley Professional Tiler

    Those are not true split face, they are a one piece tile that has been stamped to look like split face.

    Mitrering those would be best for the corners but you may need a 5mm joint for it to look nice. As for the top.... just grout and paint is my suggestion.
  3. Albert

    Albert Professional Tiler

    Gateshead NE8, UK
    Not a very good choice for a kitchen, you may struggle to keep them
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  4. MalcyB

    MalcyB Active Member

    Tom: What do you mean "paint them". Just find a colour that suits?
    Albert: She may struggle to keep than clean. I'm just fitting them for her!
  5. pdc

    pdc Living the dream..... Professional Tiler

    Tom means grout the top edge then cut in the wall paint to leave a straight edge.
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  6. MalcyB

    MalcyB Active Member

    Hi all.
    Thanks for the recommendations on how to finish these tiles.
    In the end I decided to try some 12mm square edge chrome edging.
    Comments welcome, Thanks
    DSC_1458.JPG DSC_1459.JPG
    This is how I did the switches & sockets.

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  7. Tilergal

    Tilergal Active Member

    I've set this type of tile a few times and brushed satin beats everything else for me, gives it a clean edge but not as bright as chrome. Nice job though MalcyB, sockets look good too.
  8. MalcyB

    MalcyB Active Member

    Thanks tilergal. She went with chrome because it went with other things.
    I put a 10mm single or double spacer behind each, they would have been better if they were 12mm.
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