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Hi All,

Looking for some advice, need a kitchen tiled, just the wall. It is just over 4sqm and I already have the tiles, they are standard brick effect 200x100mm tiles. There are a few sockets and switches to work around, about 14 in total, however the walls have been sanded smooth by myself.

I know it might be hard to give any advice on the internet but has anyone got an idea what I should be looking to pay? So far I have had one quote at £360 which seems a bit high to me: If I give £60 for materials, then be very generous and say 5sqm to be sure then that's £70sqm. Based in the Midlands.

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Hello and welcome :)

Unfortunately, we do not discuss prices on the open forum. Thems the forum rules and as the rates can vary wildly depending on the area. No disrespect to you, but customers need to understand what is fair, so will try and justify and put it into perspective for you.

For what its worth, quick answer is yes it seems very fair to me.

Long answer, for that meterage you will more than likely have been quoted by the day rate including materials. Fiddly size of the tile and work/cutting involved, probably gone in at up to two days (one to prep and tile, another one to possibly finish tiling, grout, clean up and silicone).

Hypothetically, if charging at a metre rate, say £40 per sqm was the going rate for that type of tile including materials on a larger area, the quote would only be £200. Then take into account his cost for prep and fixing materials and wear and tear costs of tools, business out goings, fuel etc... poor bloke would take home about £40 per day minus a bit more for the tax man.....

Honestly, would you work a full time manual job for that much? work it out, if every 5 day week was spent tiling kitchen splashbacks for that much, thats a salary of £10400...... So actually, the tax man wouldn't get any as he wouldn't even reach the lowest tax threshold.
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