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  1. paulo-m

    paulo-m Active Member

    Hi there,

    I will be installing 10mm tiles on the floor of my bathroom and would like the transition to the hallway to be as seamless as possible. The hallway will have engineered wood 18mm thick and in principle will be glued down.
    After the tiles are installed, i imagine the tile + adhesive will have an height of 13/14mm. As for the wooden floor plus the glue, I imagine it will end up on 19 or 20mm. This means there will be a gap of at least 5mm.

    Basically I have the following questions which I would like to validate with you and feel free to give me advice if you have better ideas:

    Question 1) is my above calculation correct? ie, will I end up with at least 5mm gap?
    Question 2) Is it wise to use tile backer (marmox for example) to raise the subfloor and therefore end up with both floors leveled?
    Question 3) I have to spread adhesive on the tile backer to install it on the subfloor, so this will add at least 3mm. So a 6mm board would end up with 9mm height. Is this correct?

    Additional notes:
    - The wooden floor is not installed yet.
    - The subfloor is a cement slab.

    Cheers and thanks for your help,
  2. timeless john

    timeless john Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner

    North East England
    Use a half bag of levelling compound on the hallway floor outside the bathroom to bring it up to the 5mm needed.
    That is unless you are an engineer and then all's lost!
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  3. Bond

    Bond Active Member


    As your going over a concrete slab,why not just raise the bathroom floor by 6 or 7mm with self levelling compound.
    To achieve the desired 20mm wooden floor level.
  4. paulo-m

    paulo-m Active Member

    Thanks for your responses!
    How easy would it be to remove the self leveling compound in case I decide one day? Does it go as easy as tile adhesive?

  5. Bond

    Bond Active Member

    If you have prepared the floor correctly and primed, it should be well bonded, and not easily removed nor should tile adhesive. In this situation you would have first removed the tiled floor, this again will not be easy, (if done correctly). Why would you ever want to remove it all ?.
  6. paulo-m

    paulo-m Active Member

    Two reasons why I thought about the tile backer before the compound:
    1) The concrete subfloor of the whole flat is perfectly even. If I use the self leveling compound to the bathroom I will be actually "unleveling" that room in order to match the tiles height. I'm pretty much unleveling forever just because the tiles I chose are lower than what I need. The tile backer sounds less "definitive", but still accomplishes the job.
    2) I feel it will be more difficult for me to add the compound, make sure it's leveled and that the height is the correct one, than fitting a couple of marmox panels.

    Again, these are my conclusions from reading about stuff and might not be accurate. Feel free to share your thoughts, would be more than happy.

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