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  1. rusty

    rusty New to

    Hey All,

    Would describe myself as a keen armature that's learning all the time! But very happy with the tiling work I've done - Just feel I've made a massive mistake...

    Installed new shower (Where there didn't used to be one) and tiled the area, Tiled straight onto the where the old tiles came off before. Didn't tank it, Think I just got carried away not thinking properly & assumed just grout would be fine.

    But now coming to grout it I'm reading more and more than it's not actually waterproof, But just water repellent...

    The tiles are the big 600x300 ceramic ones.

    Can I seal the grout At all? Or is it literally rip em off do it again

    Thanks in advance, Go gentle ha

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  2. ttt tiling

    ttt tiling Professional Tiler

    Use the best grout you can and make sure all corners are well siliconed.
    We do around 15 bathrooms a year and quite surprising what people get away with.
    Rarely have people even primed the plaster or plasterboard , tiles fall of easily and still no major damage.
    The bathrooms we fit are bomb proof and would probably last the life of the house!
    Overkill really.
  3. rusty

    rusty New to

    Interesting, Many thanks for your reply!
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