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  1. Alex Freeman

    Alex Freeman Active Member

    Hi Guys,

    I'm new to the forums and have some DIY experience doing some bathroom and kitchen floor tiling mainly floors, but walls as well.

    Now I'm about to start tiling my bathroom in fairly large hexagons (~18 x 22 cm).

    I'm just hoping for some help in how to start. I've put a baton against the wall but wondered what the advice is for getting started?

    Cut half tiles as spacers for the first row? Or anything more sophisticated

  2. 3_fall

    3_fall Administrator. Staff Member Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner Top Contributor

    SW London
    For your horizontal line, move the tile line up or down to try and achieve a cut through the centre of the tile so that you don’t end up having to cut small pieces. However you will probably find you’ll have to compromise somewhere. This being the case, make that compromise either on the shortest run or most discreet.
    On your vertical same rule applies, however you should try make it look like the tile is wrapping around the corner if you want a professional look, even if you have to shorten or lengthen the actual tile that is wrapped, not too much mind, or it’ll look odd.
    Very good luck.
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