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  1. jackg

    jackg Member of Tilers Forums

    I need advice on the type of tile to use in an extension and to go into an existing hall.
    The extension consists of a kitchen, porch, lobby, utility and shower room and is scree onto concrete. All radiators no UFH.
    The existing hall is floating chipboard onto celotex onto concrete.
    total area is 42sqm, of which the shower is 3sqm.
    The questions are, which tile type, ceramic or limestone? (which needs sealing), particularly for the shower room floor.

    And the best way to tile onto the existing hall, is it to replace the chipboard with 1/2" ply or OSB and then 6mm backerboard and then to tile?

    Thanks for any advice
  2. The Tiler

    The Tiler Active Member

    the tile choice has to be yours, but a ceramic / porcelain would be less maintenance the a stone tile depending on amount of foot traffic.
    as for the floating floor, I'd have it out and either screed, wooden joists and board or glue insulation board down to the sub floor which would be a screed or beam and block.
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  3. jackg

    jackg Member of Tilers Forums

    A belated thanks for your advice.
    I am finally getting round to doing this.
    I am after advice for this old hall area.
    This old hall is a 6.65msq rectangle and leads into the new section which is screed onto concrete.
    For the old hall I am going to fit 2x2 joists onto the concrete floor and then board.
    Not sure what board to use, 18mm nomore ply, 12mmply and 6mm marmox or 18mm WPB.
    The benefit of using marmox or nomoreply is that the joint between the existing and new will be a screed to nomoreply/marmox joint and similar expansion rates so no decoupling membrane.
    Does this make sense?
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