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Discuss Cutting Dijon Tumbled Limestone floor tiles in the Natural Stone and Thin Porcelain Tiling area at

  1. keith1960

    keith1960 Member of Tilers Forums

    Hi ,
    The customer has decided to have the new kitchen floor tiled in the above tumbled limestone, 600 x 400, what is the best way to cut the tiles, I assume a wet saw will stain the limestone? or do I need to seal them before cutting?
    I was going to put detra matting on top of the existing floor boards, lay the tiles, then seal and grout, and seal again, but not sure of the correct way to cut/seal. any info greatly appreciated. thanks
  2. Tom Astley

    Tom Astley Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler

    I am doing a job with Dijon tumbled limestone at the moment.

    I use both a wet an dry cutter to cut them. A quality diamond blade for stone will be OK .

    Dijon limestone is a dense stone and will not stain easily from water ingress.

    I seal after fixing and grouting but then I am used to working with stone. I seal after I have finished.

    Frodsham Barn-30001.jpg Frodsham Barn-20006.jpg
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  3. CJ

    CJ Professional Tiler

    Used a grinder on my last limestone problems.
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  4. keith1960

    keith1960 Member of Tilers Forums

    hi Tom, thanks for the info,nice job by the way, so i can cut the tiles with either a hand tile cutter,even though they are 15mm thick? wet cutter or angle grinder with diamond blade, seal after fixing, grout then reseal,do you wash off the tiles before sealing, or vacuum off the dust etc? and the sealer applied with a roller, sponge or cloth.This will be the first job I have done with stone tiles, just trying to make sure i dont mess it up. LOL Thanks keith
  5. Tom Astley

    Tom Astley Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler

    No to a hand tile cutter if you mean a normal ceramic style cutter.

    I say dry cutter as in angle grinder dry cutter. If you look at the photo #1 you will see my dry cutter under my workbench.

    When I have fixed the tiles, after sufficient drying time, I grout. I give the stone two washes - the 2nd wash is after the grout has stiffened up so that I do not make indentations, this will not only smooth any rough grout joints but it also leaves the stone spotless and devoid of grout dust when dry.

    I seal the stone with a tea-towel soaked in sealer. I prefer this method - it works for me.

    ps..... always do a test with grout and sealer in and the order you intend to do it on a spare slab or inconspicuous place on the floor before doing both.
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  6. CJ

    CJ Professional Tiler

    Just make sure that the tiles are 100% dry before sealing.

    Ideally, once laid, and dry, give as many washes as they need, to remove dust, cement drops, hand prints etc etc..........then leave overnight.

    Do not walk on floor with manky boots as your sealing.......or you will seal in footprints.
  7. Mark - Right Lines Ltd

    Mark - Right Lines Ltd Active Member

    Water is not likely to stain Dijon limestone, use a good fresh diamond blade and you should not have any problems cutting wet or dry.

    Having worked with Dijon limestone in the past id do as mentioned above, give it a good clean and seal it after completion
  8. timeless john

    timeless john Moderator - trainee Staff Member Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner Top Contributor

    North East England
    Make sure your insurance is up to date!
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