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  1. Tom Astley

    Tom Astley Professional Tiler

    Let the train take your strain
  2. impish

    impish Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler Top Contributor

    Every train I take causes me a strain!
    Cancellations, Bus replacements, Leaves on the line...:mad:
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  3. Localtiler

    Localtiler Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner Top Contributor

    I’ll come!
  4. Ttt1601

    Ttt1601 Professional Tiler JOTM Winner

    As has been mentioned many times now, the sizing issues are appalling, lots of issues in glaze as well, all made on very poor quality soft biscuits. Their "floor" tiles are unfit for purpose as floor tiles due to how soft they are, I also refuse to fit them as is it almost impossible to make a truly professional job with them and make sure if any of my customers are considering them that know exactly what kind of quality tiles they are. Also i have found in the past raising these issues has been like banging your head against a brick wall so I truly hope they are actually now sitting up and taking notice. But worst of it all is the use of popular brand names, which give a false impression of quality which means customers trust the brand name blindly.
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  5. spooner68

    spooner68 Professional Tiler

    I have fixed Devonstone grey and Ditto grey and cream in the past year and they were dreadful. The devonstone discoloured very quickly, the glaze is actually absorbent and is a bugger to keep clean.
    The ditto tiles I now refuse to fix as the glaze chips badly with a dry cut and absolutely disintegrated with a wet cut no matter which blade I used. Very very poor. Like I said, I will no longer fix BCT tiles.
  6. Julian 'Farmer' Bonsall

    Julian 'Farmer' Bonsall New to

    I have beige mix tumbled marble mosaics purchased from Wall and Floors in a downstairs toilet which are a BCT tile. Aside from I wish I was more able to fit them (even with a mosaic backer) I didn't spot any major issues.

    Do these tiles appear in high street shops ?
  7. LauraCTW

    LauraCTW Company Support


    Funny how after I told my rep about this thread they suddenly responded! They are fit for purpose in the right situation, just for salespeople we have to think of the customer the tiler and what everyone wants! Tough life!
  8. pdc

    pdc Speling & grammer specialyst Professional Tiler

    It's a promising start that a manufacturer is listening to the concerns of installers. Hopefully there will be improvements in the areas of concern.
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  9. Andrew Anaxagoras

    Andrew Anaxagoras Active Member

    All of the above and a footnote.. even if you try to disguise them as Laura Ashley it's obviously BCT with the same poor quality we've come to expect!
  10. Localtiler

    Localtiler Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner Top Contributor

    Ted baker also, that’s another one of there’s
  11. tommyzooom

    tommyzooom Professional Tiler JOTM Winner

    I dont think I've laid a BCT tile , but I have laid Laura Ashley ones from Homebase, which I think are the same?
    All the problems mentioned were evident, sizey, very soft and poorly glazed etc. There's no way I'd recommend them to anyone.
  12. Adey1980

    Adey1980 Professional Tiler Top Contributor

    I do hope they change there manufacturing process and start producing decent quality tiles.
    Bit until then we have to deal with the tiles and I should imaging there are a fair few thousand in stock around the country so until all that is used up and and there new better products start hitting the shelves we will just have to suffer
  13. Adey1980

    Adey1980 Professional Tiler Top Contributor

    The ted bakers I laid last year were pretty good.
    they are manufactured in Spain and re boxes in the uk from what I’ve been told
  14. Ttt1601

    Ttt1601 Professional Tiler JOTM Winner

    Whilst I can kind of understand that from a retailers point of veiw that if customers want them they have to stock them, those soft ceramics are unfit for use on a floor and no one will convince me otherwise, that is of course unless you happen to have room full of nothing more damaging and heavy that a teddy bear, on a solid concrete base that is.
  15. Porcelainwood

    Porcelainwood Active Member

    Is this thread " Gerald Ratner Inspired"
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