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  1. Kcoh

    Kcoh Active Member


    I’m in the process of renovating my bathroom. I have installed tile backer boards and now in the process of buying the tiles. I’m interested in the 75cm x25cm marble effect ceramic tiles from crown tiles(see attached). All 4 walls are approx 1.7m wide and 2.5m high. Do you think the tile size above is a suitable size for my wall size? And if yes, what would be the best pattern to lay it in? Brick or stack? I’m planning to install 90cmx15cm wood effect tiles on one wall and the floor, do you think this will be a good combination? Also, one of the walls is a stud wall that at one end it has the door in it that it’s frame ends in the loft (not fixed to the ceiling joists) the other end is fixed to a solid wall, this wall vibrates very easily (with a push and not so much with door opening and closing apart from slamming) and I’m planning to tile the small opening right above the door opening and tile the frame up to the edge of the door opening, will using S2 adhesive and fixing the frame to the ceiling joists make this variable? Last one, is the attached adhesives any good? I’m usually into Mapei products. Sorry for all the questions but they are really bugging me and I would appreciate your input :)

    FC5BBD7E-7AA8-4266-B7A0-518D95F5244A.png 64429FE5-5B3C-439B-B157-ABAB2C89CF4A.png 74524B55-6EF7-4E27-A3EC-65EC7EEAF48E.png
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  2. timeless john

    timeless john Moderator - trainee Staff Member Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner Top Contributor

    North East England
    It’s all down to personal choice really - but those tiles are awful! The veining in the design is bold and repeats too often in the same position.
    I wouldn’t mix too many styles and patterns ( wood /marble ).
    Apart from that it’s difficult to give advice on an emotive subject that will be there for many years to come!
  3. Boggs

    Boggs Professional Tiler

    I agree with the above, but if you do choose to use them don’t lay them as in the pictures those corner cuts look rubbish.

    Also you will need to make sure your walls are really flat before you start as you don’t want to start bedding out with adhesive as you go.
    750mm tiles are big and heavy and will be more difficult than you might imagine to fit and cut.

    I would steer away from rapid set adhesive and use a standard or slow set S1.

    Good luck.
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  4. Waluigi

    Waluigi Guest

    I’d go grid format but without the slithers.

    If we’re talking about the styles we like and dislike- I dislike all of the fake stone tiles and I’m not keen on real stone either. I find it looks dated
  5. Kcoh

    Kcoh Active Member

    I will use a Mapei s1 adhesive for the rest of the walls. I thought s2 would be more suitable for the timber floor and not so stable wall. I have most of the walls levelled. I agree as well with the tile, it doesn’t look right hence I reached for your help :) I guess it’s back to the tile search again, it is one the hardest things I found. I keep looking online and tile stores and yet can’t reach a conclusion. To narrow it down, is ceramic recommended for walls including wall hung toilet tiling? I will go porcelain tiles for the floor. Also What is your thoughts on B & Q loft house tiles? See attached. Again I appreciate your input.

  6. widler

    widler Professional Tiler

    Have you not got any tile shops around you?
    Bandq tiles tend to be cheap seconds or crap graded tiles .
    I do like the porcelain marble effect tiles, but you tend to find with the cheaper ones the pattern repeats every 3 tiles , and is very annoying to the eye
  7. Kcoh

    Kcoh Active Member

    Hi, I finally made my mind up and bought the tiles. 600x300 gloss calacatta tiles on 3 walls and the floor and breeze split face tiles on one wall with a window on by the shower. I will use silver grey grout for all. I’m wondering would it be okay to tile the window revails with the split face tiles? Wouldn’t they retain water and dirt? I do have fall on the bottom revail. Check the attached example I found online? Also which way shall install the trim? The one attached looks really appealing to me. Thanks

    B7129ADB-C360-4B69-B0D5-69284FCC5667.jpeg D21E972D-67E0-464A-89B2-D89BD7B7BCA5.jpeg 343B477F-8048-470D-B306-E5BBB2E02E92.jpeg
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