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Discuss Bathroom re-tile some dodgy tiling plus full en-suite in the Tilers: find tiling jobs listed here area at

  1. willywinki

    willywinki Active Member

    North Lincolnshire
    Total Size of Area to be Tiled:
    Bathroom 8m2 En-suite 25m2
    Tile Size(s): 900 x 300mm wall 600x600mm floor. En-suite 300 x 100mm wall 600x600mm floor
    Tiles / Adhesive / Grout Purchased?:
    Yes. Tiles for both rooms. Grout for bathroom
    Wall and Floor Tiling Job in North Lincolnshire

    Tiler needed to rectify the issues left by the last joker of a tradesperson. Plus en-suite from scratch

    Flooring (600 x 600mm tiles) – You will see they have cut the floor tiles too short around the bath side edge, they seriously miscalculated this although I’m not convinced they even engaged their brains. To hide this they cut down the bath panel in height and tried to silicone it to the floor! As such 4 of the floor tiles will need to be lifting and replaced correctly.

    Window wall (900 x 300mm tiles) – Up to the bottom of the window the tiling is OK, just OK. From there on upwards it is a dogs dinner. Tiles don’t line up with each other above the window, none of the trim is level/straight, the window reveals are totally uneven with none of the tiles sitting flush with the trim. The window sill tiles have been cut short and the one inch gap filled with grout. All of this mess on perfectly flat untouched walls. I’m not sure what the easiest option is here….tile over the top of the entire wall, or just remove the tiles from the window up?

    Concealed cistern and soil stack (900 x 300mm tiles) – They have used the wrong coloured trim on one the edges on the cistern, one of the tiles is sat noticeabley proud. In an ideal world we would just replace that one tile, but we suspect that all the tiles upwards from it on the soil stack would then look wrong. Again, unsure of the best solution here?

    We also have an ensuite ready for full re-fit but it’s been put on hold due to this con-man. Ensuite is 2.5 x 1.4 x 2.4m. Reboard all walls (previously tiled directly onto bare board so the walls surface is awful). Full tiling to all walls, niche in shower. Tiles already sourced are these Johnsons tiles for the walls Johnson Tiles — Select Collection — Savoy - and 600 x 600mm floor tiles.

    I know tilers shouldn't plumb, and vice versa, but if there was a company that could offer both trades that would be ideal. Plentiful tea/coffee, biscuits and bacon banjos.

    IMG_20180327_194539935.jpg IMG_20180327_194556621.jpg IMG_20180327_194524215.jpg IMG_20180327_194539935.jpg IMG_20180327_194556621.jpg IMG_20180327_194634256.jpg IMG_20180327_195825590.jpg 30415458_242387652988055_4874894430508679168_n.jpg 30415583_242388009654686_9128354505430138880_o.jpg

    If you'd like to quote for this tiling job in North Lincolnshire then please contact the member who posted the job directly. If you'd like to generally ask questions about the job, please feel free to reply to this thread, as the extra details may help others work out whether the job is suitable for them or not. recommends getting three tilers in to quote for all tiling jobs, and to check references from previous customers for each. Then customers need to make their own mind up as to who is best for them.

  2. timeless john

    timeless john Moderator Staff Member Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner Top Contributor

    North East England
    Unfortunately that is pretty bad! Not sure any tiler would leave some of that work or be associated with it - looks like a complete strip out to me - setting out onwards.
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  3. PaulSmith

    PaulSmith Professional Tiler

    Shocking work. Agree.. full strip out and re-do.
  4. GAZ5518

    GAZ5518 Tiler Extraordinaire Professional Tiler

    Lord above! the song goes ..”Rip it up and start again”..,
    Although you could upvc trim the window....
    Possibly Pull the Bath panel out a bit....
    And retile the concealed cistern...
    Really depends on your finances.,
    Good luck
  5. bsc ceramics

    bsc ceramics Brent Professional Tiler

    That is some cut to the ceiling he's done. not the best setting out iv seen...:eek: hope you didn't part with any of your hard earned cash. Start again I'm afraid :(
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