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  1. AlexSW

    AlexSW Member of Tilers Forums


    I'm a novice to tiling and I'm looking for some advice on a problem I'm having.

    I'm trying to tackle some old grouting and sealant in my bathroom that has gone mouldy. Tried covering it up with some grout and silicon replenisher type product from Unibond, which has worked in parts but not everywhere.

    Decided the worst bits I would regrout and reseal.

    Between two of the tiles there is sealant rather than grout, which I've removed, and I am now left with a gap around 1cm in width and around 1.5cm deep and it covers 3 tiles, around 40cm long. I'm wondering what the best thing to do in this situation? Could I grout it or should I use silicone sealant, similar to how it was done previously, or is there any other options I haven't considered?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Many thanks
  2. Bond

    Bond Active Member

    That's quite a large gap to fill. Some grouts are usable up to15mm. Would probably go with a silicone sealant being more flexible, with that sort of gap. ( if in a place, not to visually intrusive). If you can post a photo, it would help, in obtaining a more considered response, to the specific situation. Cheers the noo.
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