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  1. Jazzer

    Jazzer Active Member

    Able skills nvq3 or ultimate course from UK Pro tiling? Able skills is 10wks (£3,500) and UK Pro Tiling is 13 days (£1,400). I live in Scotland, am 33 yrs old, currently work in the emergency services and desperate for a career change.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Jazzer

    Jazzer Active Member

  3. Adey1980

    Adey1980 Professional Tiler Top Contributor

    Uk pro Tiling, phone darren and speak to him
  4. timeless john

    timeless john Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner Top Contributor

    North East England
    What would you like me to say?
    All the happy Tilers go out on a Saturday night so your just left with the old pensioner.
    Having a well deserved coffee after being the life and soul of a birthday BBQ for my daughter.
    Till now I've never known or been interested in how much it costs to learn at a centre, and how long it would take to be on a course to reach any standard.
    Wow - I'am in the wrong job!
    Not sure how you attain level 3 NVQ in 10 weeks but I'am always slow on the uptake having spent 44 years at level 2!
    Perhaps you should come and board with me and spend some time in the real world of tiling.
    Both the firms you have mentioned have been around for a good period, so either will be doing something right and it'll be worth discussing the work opportunities on completion with both.
    There are threads on the forum from previous trainees to read and I'am sure some professional Tilers will be along in the days to come with advice.
    For me this is the best job in the world, but at my age, although I have no mortgage, I'd rather be staying in the Emergency services on a regular wage/holidays and looking forward to a pension. It'll be a least 2 years before your anywhere near the same wage your on now!
    There are Tilers here who will tell you the courses are a good basic introduction but it'll be down to your own drive and determination to make a career out of what I considered a hobby.
    Good luck with your choices and welcome to the no.1 forum.
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  5. Jazzer

    Jazzer Active Member

    I'm in my current job over 8 yrs and almost at the top of my pay scale (£1850 a month). Also the pension ain't what it used to be, I pay £400 a month to it over 35 years, a lot to anyone. I also work horrible shifts, get rest cancelled at short notice and am micromanaged beyond belief.

    It's for those reasons amongst others than I'm looking for a change. I'm in the fortunate position of my wife earning more than me so i could afford a drop in income in exchange for some job satisfaction and happiness.

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  6. Simons70

    Simons70 Professional Tiler

    Courses funded Level 3 in Construction (you can apply for Gold Card) - anywhere in the UK
    You can find government funding for nvq 3 courses but you need to have some years in this trade.
    You can do courses for basic skills,and start from there.
  7. Jazzer

    Jazzer Active Member

    From my research I'm swaying towards UK Pro Tiling. My plan would be to do the course during annual leave from work then try to work around my current job and see how it goes. It's a big step though so have to give it careful thought.
  8. Dan

    Dan Est.2006 Staff Member NOT a Tiler

    Staffordshire, UK
    Darren only does tiling courses. I think pretty much all other training centres do all trades so it kinda shows you what the score is there alone. Darren does his own training and is passionate about it. Others employ tilers who collect a wage for training etc.

    I always say go visit them and see for yourself and speak to trainees.
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  9. Jazzer

    Jazzer Active Member

    What tools can you buy from UK Pro Tiling at the end of your course and how much cheaper are they than buying from elsewhere?

    I was also considering doing a painting and decorating course at able skills however believe that tiling would be the wiser choice due to more opportunities for work plus greater earning potential. Don't get me wrong decorating is good fun however there seems to be a plethora of decorators whereas tilers seem harder to come by.

    We just had our bathroom walls tiled last week, approx 25 sqm at a cost of £600. It took the 2 tilers 1 day to complete. We had to wait about 4 wks for a tiler to become available.

    I'm just trying to work out how much money I would need to set myself upend whether it is viable as a possible long term career change.
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