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  1. noggenfogger

    noggenfogger New to

    west midlands
    Hi Everyone, my first post. I have had a read through the forum and it seems like this is the place for an answer to my question. So thanks in advance for any feedback.

    I am looking at changing my drive from gravel to a more stable surface but have not seen any driveways that I like the look of. Hate crazy paving, hate the look of printed concrete and tarmac despite the advances still looks like my old school playground and also in hot weather the cars I have told will damage the surface.

    I have seen a stylish range of outdoor tiles that are 40mm thick and backed with serofoam with a 10mm Porcelain top. The manufacturer states that they can be laid on a 3" sand bed that I imagine would be ok for foot traffic but I would like to be able to park my car on them. Would these Tiles be suitable or would they crack with the weight as there would be a good few hundred KG's on each wheel. An expensive mistake if they do. What substrate do you think would be suitable? As the tiles and grout lines would be sealed I am also adding a drain on the downhill side of the drive to prevent pooling.

    Also has anyone any experience with them in terms of slip resistance. The manufacturer states high slip resistance but what about the likes of frost and snow on them?

    Thanks for taking the time to read and appreciate any feedback.
  2. Porcelainwood

    Porcelainwood Active Member

    I would think the tiles would be unsuitable
    You would be better with a 20mm porcelain tiles and would by cheaper than the tiles with serofoam if their the topps tile spaces range
    Video of 20mm porcelain used for carriagable use
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