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Sigma Tile Cutters

Sigma UK import and distribute Sigma Tile Cutters from Sigma Italia, the manufacturer behind the brand.

Sigma was founded in Rimini Italy and has been established since 1964. Sigma is a family run business and are specialists in the production of hand built tiling tools which are all designed and patented in house from start to finish.

As one of the leading tiling tool brands Sigma products can be found all over the world with many loyal professional tilers using our products for their projects.

Sigma manufactures a wide range of tiling products starting with manual cutting machines that are 37cm in length all the way through to specialist large format tools that are 371cm long. Sigma also produces a range of high end electric tile saws and tiling accessories.

Sigma UK with the help from professional tilers has been growing year on year and has carved out an excellent reputation with the professional trade.

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